Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cozy Up and Have Fun!

Winter is coming and it is so wonderful! The air is getting colder and makes hot chocolate taste even better. Christmas trees are popping up here are there. Holiday lights bring magic to the streets. And Santas are already waiting for kiddos at the malls.

Make this Ho-ho-holiday season even more fun and take you little ones outside! So what that it’s cold? Let them roll around in piles of yellow leaves or cruise around ice skating rings. Help them make a snowman… or for those living in the warmer parts of the country, a sandman will do. But don’t forget to bundle up in something snug and comfy.

And if you need help finding warm and cute kids clothes, check out My Little Jules store. You are aught to find something you and your munchkin will love! Here are just a few suggestions.
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RabbitMoon Lotus - French Rose Footless Tight with Lotus Stripe Angle Detail

Zutano - Pool Fleece Baby Bootie 
Zutano - Fuchsia Raglan Sleeve Crewneck Toddler Tee with Mocking Bird Print

RabbitMoon Neopolitan - Chocolate Footless Tights with Ruffle

Zutano - Apple Cozie Elf Coverall

Zutano - Apple Fleece Baby Mittens with String

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jules' First Tea Party and Importance of Pretend Play

Today Jules had her first ever pretend tea party! We pulled out a princess tea set and after a few minutes of digging through a pile of cute little plates, spoons, cups and creamer holders, Jules picked up a spoon and a tea cup. She dipped the spoon into the cup like there was food in there and extended the spoon to me (offering me to “eat” what was on the spoon)!

Once she was done with me, she fed Peter. Then our cat. Then her bunny lovie. Then she fed her favorite doggy hand puppet. Jules gave our couch a snack. Then it was coffee table’s turn. The blow-up mattress (don’t ask me why we have one in the middle of the living room) munched on Jules’ imaginary dinner too. She was going around the room feeding things. It was so darn cute! Check out the video of her feeding the couch, pillow, coffee table and my phone.

Once Jules went down for the night, I decided to read up on pretend play and here’s what I found.

As it turns out, pretend play is crucial for kids’ development. It helps our munchkins develop skills and learn how to use them in real life. It encourages social and emotional development and teaches empathy. Through cooperative pretend play children learn how to take turns, share responsibility and creatively problem solve. What’s more, at young age children are just beginning to understand the difference between imaginary and real worlds. So, pretend play helps them internalize the distinction between fantasy and reality!

So mommies, encourage your kids’ pretend play and participate in it! Do you have any fun stories to share? How do you help you kids engage in pretend play?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jules' Boo-Licious First Halloween

Jules' first Halloween was a success! She dressed up, she trick-or-treated, she walked around spooky neighborhoods, Peter and I got to eat all the candy, and no pumpkins were hurt in the process! :)

As always, I procrastinated... and procrastinated to get Jules her Halloween outfit. So, by the time I got around it, there were no cute ones left at the local party stores. But we found this adorable strawberry shortcake outfit at TJ Maxx. I have to say, my favorite part is the Strawberry Kisses appliqué on the rear.
And it came with adorable candy stripe PJ's. So, the costume wasn't a total waste of money after all!