Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Importance Of a Lovey For Your Baby's Development

Jules loooves her bunny lovey! She takes it everywhere, she tugs on its ears, bites it, rubs it on her face, feeds it, hugs it and, what’s more important, uses it to sooth herself, especially at night. The day I decided to teach little Jules how to fall asleep on her own, I pulled out the cute green bunny lovey Jules got at our baby shower. And the two of them have been inseparable since then.

What is a lovey? A lovey can be anything, but it is usually a toy, stuffed animal or a blanket that a child uses to aid her feeling of security. The first year of your child’s life can be pretty traumatic. Just imagine, your little munchkin spent 9 months in the warmth and safety of your belly and all of a sudden she enters this big, strange world that she doesn’t know and yet understand. While a mother is what soothes a baby the best, you can’t always be with your little one. This is when a lovey comes into place.

According to one article, “It is good to introduce a lovey from the start of baby’ s life. Loveys are especially useful later, when helping a baby learn to soothe himself to sleep. To minimize the risk of SIDS, choose a safe lovey that is smaller than the child’s head, but not small enough to be a choking hazard (a small, plush rattle is good). From day one, let baby snuggle with this item while you rock and feed him. He will associate it with comfort.”(The Importance of Your Child's Lovey), You can use your baby’s lovey to teach her how to fall asleep, introduce a new nanny, help her get used to her new room or aid her feeling of safety at a day care.

I definitely regret not having a couple of extra loveys on hand. Jules' lovey gets dirty petty quickly since she carries it around all day long. And because she also likes to suck on it or bite it, it needs to be washed frequently, which sometimes may be a challenge. So, I recommend getting couple of identical loveys for your bundle of joy.

We have a few really cute loveys in our store. They all come in beautiful colorful boxes and will make a wonderful gift for any baby and mom! I’m including the pictures below.

Kaloo Blue Doudou Bear

Kaloo Kaloo 123 Doudou Patch Rabbit

Kaloo Liberty Doudou Bear with Flower

Kaloo Liberty Doudou Rabbit with Flower

Kaloo Lilirose Doudou Rabbit

Kaloo Plume Doudou Rabbit Lovie - Mint

Kaloo Pure Doudou Bear with Leaf

Kaloo Kaloo 123 Blue Doudou Bear

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