Friday, January 21, 2011

Impromptu chalk Fest or Your Baby's Development and Art

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday! And since the weather has been kind of yucky lately, Jules and I didn’t waste our time. We grabbed a box of colored chalk and wobbled outside for some art and fun in the sun. (Jules was doing all the wobbling)

Jules is more into abstract art lately.
Jules is wearing leggings from this HavenBaby Square Neck Tunic Set

But she was nice enough to help me with my ‘realistic’ chalk drawing.

According to Kathy Rywolt, director of Red Brick School in Barrington, "Giving your child materials she can squish or manipulate can help build fine motor skills and creativity." Drawing helps your tot to improve his hand-eye coordination as well as learn how to make choices. In addition, you can teach your munchkin colors while also having tons of fun. So, doodle away with your little cupcake!

Need ideas for some fun crafty things to do with your tot? Then check out this article about crafts for toddlers on!

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  1. Very cute! Jules looks like she's having lots of fun :) Great photos.