Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BabyLegs Leg Warmers - Great Gift on a Small Budget

By Tatiana
BabyLegs leg warmers were featured today on babble's Family Style blog as a recession-friendly gift. Birthday parties and baby showers didn't get canceled because of the bad economy. And we all have to think outside the box when budgets are tight and invitations just keep coming. Here's why I think BabyLegs leg warmers make such an amazing gift:

  1. They are unique
  2. They are super cute
  3. They put smile on your face
  4. They are functional (quick & easy diaper changes)
  5. They last for a very long time (one size fits most)
  6. They are great for potty training
We have a great selection of BabyLegs leg warmers on So come see for yourself how adorable and affordable they are!

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