Thursday, March 10, 2011

Online Shopping Safety Tips

You have probably noticed that we love love LOVE online shopping. It's fast, convenient and you get the best deals if you spend a few minutes looking for coupons or special offers. But how do you keep your private information secure and prevent fraud? In their post yesterday, Cool Mom Tech provided 5 awesome online shopping safety tips.  Here they are:

  1. Look for the lock (here they refer to the "s" after "http" at the top of your web browser once you move into payment options part of the site)
  2. Make strong passwords
  3. Use familiar sites
  4. Check your statements. Yes, all of them.
  5. Think mobile (in our opinion, this is not as much of a safety tip as of online shopping tip)
  6. We have to add: Always read Privacy Policy and Returns & Exchanges Policy on the site you are buying from. It might seem like a lot of work, but once you have established relationships with several online retailers, you will be confident that your personal and credit card information is safe and you can easily get your money back for unwanted items. Look for online stores that do not share your personal information with third parties and make it easy for you to return/exchange items in case a mistake was made.
Here, at My Little Jules we collect only the type of personal information necessary to complete your order and maintain friendly relationships with our customer. We never sell or share your personal info with third parties. We also make it super easy for your to return or exchange unwanted items and provide prepaid shipping labels on most items you wish to return or exchange. If you want to read the post on Cool Mom Tech, just click here. Or follow these links to check out our Privacy Policy and Returns and Exchanges Policy.

And don't forget to share your online shopping safety tips in our comments section!

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