Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outfits that Make Us Smile

We love to have fun, smile and giggle over here. And who doesn't?! Is there an outfit you got from our kids clothing boutique that really makes you smile wide, from ear to ear? Then send us a picture of your child wearing it and we will send you a one-time-use 10% discount** in return! First ten people will also get a pair of BabyLegs leg warmers of their choice. Below are a few simple rules your should follow to earn your Outfits that Make Us Smile discount:

  1. You need to send a good-quality image with your child wearing an outfit from our boutique.  Blurry and low-quality images that do not showcase the outfit will not be accepted.
  2. Item must have been purchased from My Little Jules. Please send along your customer id or an email you used to create an account at our boutique or simply forward the original electronic invoice to us showing the item was purchased from us in the last 5 months.
  3. You can receive up to 8 discounts per calendar year and 1 discount per calendar month.
  4. Please send images to with “Outfits that Make Us Smile” in the subject line.
  5. By sending us an image of your child wearing an outfit from our boutique, you allow us to showcase the image on our website, Facebook page, blog or use it for promotional purposes. We will keep all of your personal information private, only the image may be used.
  6. Once we receive your image, we will send you the discount code within 1 to 2 weeks.
**Please note that Persnickety Clothing Fall 2011 line is excluded from your 10% Outfits that Make Us Smile discount at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

Here's an outfit that puts a smile on my face every time Little Jules wears it. What's yours?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Misha Lulu Fall 2011 Collection

We are deligted to announce that Misha Lulu and Misha Lulu Hello Kitty fall 2011 collections are now available at My Little Jules and we have quite a few items available. I am absolutely in love with the two lines created through a Misha Lulu and Hello Kitty collaboration. This playful girl clothes truly captures the essence of childhood and captivates the hearts of those lucky little girls who wear it.

UPDATE: We have restocked most items and added new styles. Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Homespun jumper is available in all sizes. Please visit My Little Jules kids clothing boutique for a complete selection.

Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty Land Dress
Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Misha Hello Kitty Tee and Hello Kitty Trousers
Misha Lulu - Reading Misha Tee and Misha Land - Wallpaper Skirt
Misha Lulu - Magic - Surprise Dress Pre-order
Misha Lulu - Magic - Very Magical Tee Pre-order and Magic - Miss Houdini Skirt Pre-order
Misha Lulu - Misha Land - Wallpaper Jumper
Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Misha Hello Kitty Tee and Homespun Hello Kitty - Homespun Skirt
Misha Lulu - Hello Kitty Party Dress Pre-Order
Misha Lulu - Hello Kitty Homespun Jacket
Misha Lulu - Hello Kitty Homespun Jacket
Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Homespun Jumper
Misha Lulu - Retro Misha - Classic Misha Dress
Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Best Friends Tee and Homespun Hello Kitty - Homespun Skirt
Misha Lulu - Misha Land - Crafty Kitten Tee and Misha Lulu - Misha Land - Wallpaper Skirt
Misha Lulu - Retro Misha - Long Sleeve Girl Next Door Tee

Misha Lulu - Homespun Hello Kitty - Blue Tunic Dress

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing It Safe - Dressing Your Kid for Fun In the Sun

By Tatiana
"The sun is shining, the weather is sweet..." I'm in the mood for singing today. Jules has been so giggly since she woke up and we are packing our beach bags for a day of fun. Guess what is the first thing that always goes into our beach bag? No, not the beach ball or swim diapers. Sun block! We live in Florida and the midday sun is fierce pretty much every day of the year. But sun block is a also a must-have for any parent anywhere in the country during the summer time. Even on cloudy days you and your little trendsetter can get a sun burn, which, I've heard, is not in style this season. In fact, up to 80% of UV rays can travel through clouds, fog and haze. So, moms and dads, stock up on sun block before you take your little ones out in the sun. And check out these tips on safe and fun summer play:
  1. Apply sun block 30 minutes before getting out in the sun. Sun block needs some time to get absorbed by the skin. If you go out in the sun too soon, you may start sweating which will prevent sun block from being absorbed.
  2. Reapply often. Those who use sun blocks with high SPF numbers often get a false sense of being better protected and do not reapply sun screen as often. It's interesting to know that once the SPF number reaches 30, an increase in UV protection is very nominal. A sunscreen with SPF 100 protects from only 1% more of UV rays than a sunscreen with SPF 30 (98% protection vs 97% protection). So, please reapply sun block at least every two hours of being outside for long-lasting protection. 
  3. Look for kids clothes with UV protection. Some kids summer clothing, especially beach wear, is made to prevent UV rays from reaching sensitive child's skin. For the tiniest beach bums, check out these sweet surf suits from mini Boden. Jules spent a good portion of last summer wearing one of those.
  4. Pick up a stylish sunhat. A good sunhat will drop a shade on all your little one's face, ears, neck and a part of all of the shoulders. Jules loves her super stripe sunhat from Zutano and always gets tons of complements on it (see the pic above). We have a few other sunhats from Zutano for boys and girls. You can check them out right here.
  5. Chose t-shirts over tanks. When possible, instead of tanks let your little trendsetter wear t-shirts which will better protect delicate shoulders from UV rays. 
I wish you all tons of fun in the sun!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rabbit Moon and Le Top Sale on Selected Summer Styles

It's that time of the year - selected Le Top and Rabbit Moon summer styles are now on sale at My Little Jules! Save 35% on these cute kids clothing brands while dressing your little trendsetter in the most comfortable and stylish play wear we could find. Le Top's and Rabbit Moon's girl dresses and sets are sweet and comfy, while boy's outfits from these sister brands are playful and fun to look at and wear. Most garments are 100% and fit very true to size.
le top - Heart's Delight - Heart's Delight Top with Heart Applique and Dot Capri Pant

le top - Daisy - Daisy Print Sundress and Panty

Le Top - Sunny Ducky - Dot Sunsuit Top and Sunny Flower Panty Set

Le Top - Hop To It! - Boys Pieced Sleeveless One-Piece Romper

le top - School of Fun - Girls Stripe Sleeveless Top and Fish Print Capri Pant

le top - Ship Ahoy! - Girl's Navy Stripe Sunsuit with Sailboat and Check Panty

Le Top - Farm Friends - Pieced Sleeveless One-Piece Romper

Rabbit Moon - Reflection - Gathered Shoulder Top with Reflection Print Circle Skirt and Capri pant with Green Dots

Rabbit Moon - Empress - Girls Tunic with Flared Petite Flower Print Hem and Capri Legging Set
Shhhhhhh..... And here's another spacial treat for you. Now through June 15, get free shipping on any order of $15 or more with code SHIPVIP. Happy shopping! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

We HEART Mondays and so should you!

My Little Jules is giving you one more reason to love Mondays! Today and every Monday we are giving you a chance to win a cute outfit from our online kids clothing boutique. All you need to do to enter into our weekly I HEART Mondays giveaways is to like our Facebook page and comment on the giveaway link we post every week. Come join us for a day of fun today and every Monday! Last chance to enter into this weeks' I HEART Mondays giveaway is today at 11:59 PST.

Good luck!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Haven Girl and Baby Sara Super Sale

And we mean SUPER-DUPER sale! All Haven Girl and Baby Sara are now under $15! No kidding! This is way below their wholesale price, so all sales are final and no returns/exchanges are accepted. These are brand new items, they are not defective and haven't been sold to anyone else previously. We are making room for fall arrivals in out tiny warehouse, so we need them gone :) We are here to answer any of your sizing or other questions and the best way to reach us is through out Facebook page: Below are the links and a few featured items. Happy shopping!

Baby Sara:

Haven Girl: