Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing It Safe - Dressing Your Kid for Fun In the Sun

By Tatiana
"The sun is shining, the weather is sweet..." I'm in the mood for singing today. Jules has been so giggly since she woke up and we are packing our beach bags for a day of fun. Guess what is the first thing that always goes into our beach bag? No, not the beach ball or swim diapers. Sun block! We live in Florida and the midday sun is fierce pretty much every day of the year. But sun block is a also a must-have for any parent anywhere in the country during the summer time. Even on cloudy days you and your little trendsetter can get a sun burn, which, I've heard, is not in style this season. In fact, up to 80% of UV rays can travel through clouds, fog and haze. So, moms and dads, stock up on sun block before you take your little ones out in the sun. And check out these tips on safe and fun summer play:
  1. Apply sun block 30 minutes before getting out in the sun. Sun block needs some time to get absorbed by the skin. If you go out in the sun too soon, you may start sweating which will prevent sun block from being absorbed.
  2. Reapply often. Those who use sun blocks with high SPF numbers often get a false sense of being better protected and do not reapply sun screen as often. It's interesting to know that once the SPF number reaches 30, an increase in UV protection is very nominal. A sunscreen with SPF 100 protects from only 1% more of UV rays than a sunscreen with SPF 30 (98% protection vs 97% protection). So, please reapply sun block at least every two hours of being outside for long-lasting protection. 
  3. Look for kids clothes with UV protection. Some kids summer clothing, especially beach wear, is made to prevent UV rays from reaching sensitive child's skin. For the tiniest beach bums, check out these sweet surf suits from mini Boden. Jules spent a good portion of last summer wearing one of those.
  4. Pick up a stylish sunhat. A good sunhat will drop a shade on all your little one's face, ears, neck and a part of all of the shoulders. Jules loves her super stripe sunhat from Zutano and always gets tons of complements on it (see the pic above). We have a few other sunhats from Zutano for boys and girls. You can check them out right here.
  5. Chose t-shirts over tanks. When possible, instead of tanks let your little trendsetter wear t-shirts which will better protect delicate shoulders from UV rays. 
I wish you all tons of fun in the sun!

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