Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etsy Treasures Sunday

By Tatiana
Although it's not even August yet, I've been in the fall mood lately. That's why one of Etsy shops I will share with you today, carries beautiful goodies that will keep your little ones cozy, warm and stylish during the cooler months.

The first shop, CalisGrace, caught my eye with its wide selection of unique vintage skirts and shorts that look just as beautiful by themselves as when worn over a pair of cute leggings.
Dusty Rose Skirt
Love a ZigZag Short
The next shop, MyMayaMade, creates sweet crochet baby booties for little boys and girls that will make adults go "Awwww!" and kids jealous. Just looking at these pretty little shoes puts a smile on my face.
White Lace Purple Flower Gray Wool Crochet Baby Booties

Bow Tie Pink and Gray Wool Baby Booties, Socks

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop??? Then share it here and I might include it into my next Etsy Treasures Sunday post. Have a delightful day, everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Change Would Do You Good

Mrs. Potato Head had a makeover yesterday. I'm really loving her new pierced ear-tongue.

And then we did it again.

She turned out just as wacky.

Sometimes a change is good. It's unexpected, it's surprising, it's fun. That's why when ordering lines for this coming fall, we decided to move away from sweet little boy clothes that grandma will love and go a little more odd and edgy. Early this morning, Knuckleheads Clothing debuted at our online boutique, and we have no doubts it will please moms of really cool boys and make dads jealous (too bad it doesn't come in 'big boy' sizes). Knuckleheads Clothing is available is sizes 0-3M through 8 years. Here's just a little sneak peek.
Knuckleheads Clothing - Piedmont Raglan Checkerboard Logo Tee 
Knuckleheads Clothing - Burton Flannel Jacket Lined in Twill
Knuckleheads Clothing - Radcliff Black/Grey Striped Cardigan
But don't you worry, loving grandmas! We still have a ton of sweet little boy clothes from Le Top, KissyKissyRabbitmoon, ZutanoCachCach and other amazing kids clothing brands.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Picture - Bad Picture

We take a lot of pictures here at My Little Jules. Most of them turn out nice. Like this one.

Or this one.

But some pictures don't. Today we wanted to take a moment to share a few of our favorite pics that didn't quite make it... to our website, Facebook or into the photo albums. Here we go.
Jules was eating her bagel dog so hard, she got tired and needed to lay down :)
This one speaks for itself.
Never ask Jules to force a smile. It will look more like a  growl.
When Jules gets tired she looks drunk.
It's hard to be beautiful. Especially on a windy day.
We think she swallowed a bug.
Jules is not always in the mood for pictures.
And finally, Jules' first lesson on sharing. Her birthday present is being taken away.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy Treasures Sunday

By Tatiana 
It's Sunday and this means, it's time for Etsy treasure hunt! Last week I decided to launch new blog series called Etsy Treasures Sunday, to share amazing kids clothing shops I find during the numerous hours I spend on Etsy. The fist shop today will knock your sock off (and I mean literally!). Bobka Baby creates delightful soft-sole baby and toddler shoes that will keep everyone talking about your baby doll's cute little feet. I am expecting my first custom order with them to arrive at the end of August and, in the meanwhile, keep eyeing these beautiful Fairytale Princess Lavender Lace Ballet Shoes for Jules' second birthday.

The second shop, KPea Original, will thrill Matilda Jane and Persnickety Clothing lovers with its exquisite peasant tops, knot dresses and ruffle pants and leggings. But it won my heart withe these sweet ruffle rompers with butterfly wings, Ava Rose and Fleur D Paris.

If you are into colorful, fun and funky kids clothing, then you will love love love this last Etsy shop today!  dressme makes upcycle original tees, dresses and accessories for boys and girls. Each garment is handmade from recycled materials and is totally unique and eco-friendly! It was hard to pick items to feature, but this recycled tees dress and Wild Tricks shirt grabbed my attention with their fun attitude and originality.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop??? Then share it here and I might include it into my next Etsy Treasures Sunday post. Have a delightful day, everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why We Love Boutique Kids Clothes

Ooh! La La! Couture - Girls Pink and 
Black Polka Dots Tutu Dress
By Tatiana 
It's expensive. It's often unpractical. We worry about our children ruining it. It is hard to wash. It upsets our hubbies when we buy it. So, why are we so in love with boutique kids clothing?  I think I have the answer.

Remember when we were little, boys played with cars and girls played with dolls? Remember dress-up games and how we brushed our dolls' hair, picked their outfits, accessorized them with matching shoes, headbands, purses and even cute pets? We've grown up, but but our love for dress-up games stayed the same. We love boutique kids clothes because we love our kids. Because we want them to be the cutest, the most adorable little girls and boys, because we love dress-up games.

My heart melts when I see how Little Jules' face lights up when someone walks up to her and says: "Hi, cutie! I love your outfit." and then turns to Peter and I: "She is just ADORABLE!" I love dressing her in cute outfits, from our boutique or not. Am I spoiling her? May be... But I think I am spoiling myself waaaaaay more :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Color Play and Etsy Treasures Sunday

By Tatiana
Today was a day filled with fun, creativity and charm.  Jules and I passed the morning hours painting, or should I say, playing with color.

It was inspiring, it was messy, it has left one of those sweet long-lasting memories.

Little Jules' friend's birthday party in the afternoon was a wet success. We ate cake in the rain and knocked down a pinata.

Kids laid in puddles.

They reminded me about the time I laid in puddles myself. Yes, we all were kids. Jules' Twirls and Twigs outfit was perfect for the weather.

Today I also decided to start a new blog series called Etsy Treasures Sunday. Every Sunday I will pick stylish kids clothing Etsy shops and share them with you. Today I have an enchanting shop that sells upcyle girl clothing and will dazzle Matilda Jane lovers with beautiful knot dresses and ruffle pants. 

OOAK Ava Rose Ruffle Apron Knot Dress
Want to see more? Check out Reimagined Treasures!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Must-Have Back to School Outfits for Girls

Only about one month left till your little fashion diva will go back to school. Are you preparing her back-to-school wardrobe? Then check-out these 5 must-have back-to-school outfits, personally approved by our Little Jules. Although, Jules is too small for school, she knows a thing or two about kids fashion and how important it is to feel comfy while also staying in style. So, here it goes.

This outfit screams personality, creativity and fun. Your little fashionista will love Catimini's comfy fabrics and unmatched funky style that will put her in the spotlight anywhere she goes!

When Misha Lulu met Hello Kitty, great thing were bound to happen. This sweet girl outfit will inspire her to make new friends and have more fun in the company of adorable Hello Kitty and Misha characters. Add a pair of Hello Kitty BabyLegs leg warmers to complete the look.

Your little diva will love this cool-girl look from Kate Mack. Perfect for school days and special outings, this outfit will keep her warm, cozy and looking fly during the colder months.

Fancy meets comfy in this soft knit Sugar Tunic outfit from Persnickety Clothing. Your little princess will love running around in loose-fitting bell pants. Elegant top adds flair with dazzling fabric combination and contrast tie belt. Throw on a pair of Blue Double Ruffle Bells and she is ready to shine at any special occasion.

Hula Mula - Girl Flower Sugar Skirt with Stripe Sleeve Taffy Button Sweater and Clover Ruffled Bottom Leggins in Black & White
And last, but not least, this swing- and hollywood-inspired spiffy outfit for uber cool girls will turn you punk-rock princess into a real eye-candy and might, as well, become her favorite outfit this coming fall season. Now available at our online kids clothing boutique

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Tale About a Lonely Pink Elephant and My Favorite Pair of Jeans

By Tatiana 
Rainy weather makes me nostalgic. It poured and poured this morning and while working on our Kids Clothing Summer Sale newsletter I thought of my favorite childhood outfit… or rather a piece of clothing. Did you have one of those? That one thing you loved to wear? That embodied the essence of your childhood? The thought of which brings up sweet lifelong memories? I did. It was a pair of jeans my parents got for me through friends of friends of friends when I was about 6. Back then in Russia, a pair of jeans was such a hard thing to get, almost as hard as a VCR player or… bubble gum :)

Anyways, I was such a tomboy that I got holes on both of my knees the first time I wore those jeans. And holy knees weren't yet in style back then. My mom, bless he heart, instead of getting mad at me saw that as an opportunity to get creative. She made the cutest two appliques, one of a pink elephant and another one of an island with a palm, to cover up the holes. She got the idea from our THE MOST FAVORITE kids song about a pink elephant who lived in Limpopo and was very lonely because he was different from other elephants. (I know, sad song with a poor lesson: be like everyone else). Till this day, every time I go down the memory lane and share the tales of my childhood, I pay a heartfelt 'tribute' to that pair of jeans.

Little Jules will have an outfit that, hopefully, one day, will mean just as much to her as that pair of jeans means to me. And your kids will do too. We all love getting cute baby outfits and sassy toddler clothes for our little ones. But we won't be the ones to pick that special outfit for them. They will choose it themselves.

PS: Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my favorite jeans (sight). But I am planning on recreating them for Little Jules, and will definitely share a pic with all of your then!

PS2: I borrowed the image of a sweet pink elephant from Simple Ideas to Help You Thrive blog.