Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Change Would Do You Good

Mrs. Potato Head had a makeover yesterday. I'm really loving her new pierced ear-tongue.

And then we did it again.

She turned out just as wacky.

Sometimes a change is good. It's unexpected, it's surprising, it's fun. That's why when ordering lines for this coming fall, we decided to move away from sweet little boy clothes that grandma will love and go a little more odd and edgy. Early this morning, Knuckleheads Clothing debuted at our online boutique, and we have no doubts it will please moms of really cool boys and make dads jealous (too bad it doesn't come in 'big boy' sizes). Knuckleheads Clothing is available is sizes 0-3M through 8 years. Here's just a little sneak peek.
Knuckleheads Clothing - Piedmont Raglan Checkerboard Logo Tee 
Knuckleheads Clothing - Burton Flannel Jacket Lined in Twill
Knuckleheads Clothing - Radcliff Black/Grey Striped Cardigan
But don't you worry, loving grandmas! We still have a ton of sweet little boy clothes from Le Top, KissyKissyRabbitmoon, ZutanoCachCach and other amazing kids clothing brands.

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