Friday, July 8, 2011

A Tale About a Lonely Pink Elephant and My Favorite Pair of Jeans

By Tatiana 
Rainy weather makes me nostalgic. It poured and poured this morning and while working on our Kids Clothing Summer Sale newsletter I thought of my favorite childhood outfit… or rather a piece of clothing. Did you have one of those? That one thing you loved to wear? That embodied the essence of your childhood? The thought of which brings up sweet lifelong memories? I did. It was a pair of jeans my parents got for me through friends of friends of friends when I was about 6. Back then in Russia, a pair of jeans was such a hard thing to get, almost as hard as a VCR player or… bubble gum :)

Anyways, I was such a tomboy that I got holes on both of my knees the first time I wore those jeans. And holy knees weren't yet in style back then. My mom, bless he heart, instead of getting mad at me saw that as an opportunity to get creative. She made the cutest two appliques, one of a pink elephant and another one of an island with a palm, to cover up the holes. She got the idea from our THE MOST FAVORITE kids song about a pink elephant who lived in Limpopo and was very lonely because he was different from other elephants. (I know, sad song with a poor lesson: be like everyone else). Till this day, every time I go down the memory lane and share the tales of my childhood, I pay a heartfelt 'tribute' to that pair of jeans.

Little Jules will have an outfit that, hopefully, one day, will mean just as much to her as that pair of jeans means to me. And your kids will do too. We all love getting cute baby outfits and sassy toddler clothes for our little ones. But we won't be the ones to pick that special outfit for them. They will choose it themselves.

PS: Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my favorite jeans (sight). But I am planning on recreating them for Little Jules, and will definitely share a pic with all of your then!

PS2: I borrowed the image of a sweet pink elephant from Simple Ideas to Help You Thrive blog.

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