Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy and Me Time

By Tatiana
Our nanny is away for a couple of weeks and this means, we have Jules all to ourselves. While Peter was answering phone calls and packing orders today, Julia and I had had some much needed 'mommy and me' time. It's been a while since the two of us spend some quality time together and it reminded me of the days when Peter had his 9-to-5 job and I was staying home with baby Julia and doing a little bit of consulting here and there. Golden days!.. I remember being so eager to get back to work, start school, get out of the house. Little did I know that between working, and studying, and traveling I would miss out on a few important steps in my daughter's life. Steps like learning the difference between hot and cold, making first friends and picking a favorite (for now) color. Sometimes, when work is especially intense, I sit down with Jules in the evening and wonder, do I really know her as well as I used to? Or is she just getting bigger, smarter, more... complex? In any case, today I promised myself that every day I'll try to get to know my daughter a little better. Jules and I had a blast playing around at Gymboree, enjoying a cup or tee/juice and a blueberry scone at Starbucks and watching the waves at Safety Harbor marina. Jules wore lovely Daisy Print Sundress and Panty set by Le Top, and I was overwhelmed with mommy love in me as we walked down Main Street in our quite down town.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Etsy Treasures Sunday

I've been really looking forward to this Sunday. Since I slacked off last week, I have the whole five Etsy shops to share with you today. They are all totally unique and I hope everyone finds something they like. There's even a special "treat" for little Lemon Loves Lime aficionados who also enjoy dancing, gymnastics or just playing around in fun leotard tutus (see the last featured shop). Before I begin, I would like to encourage everyone who has a favorite Etsy shop or owns one, to leave a link in the comments section below this post. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these incredible kids clothing designs that scream originality, fun and love for children.

The first shop, PalmTreePrincess, grabbed my attention with its playful spirit and distinct designs with a tropical twist. The creator of PalmTreePrincess designs, Desiree, loves making little girls look sweet and is inspired by her daughter as well as tropical surroundings.

WINTER WONDERLAND - 3/4 Sleeve Peasant Dress with Apron

Water Bouquet - Peasant Top and Double Ruffle Capri Set
The designer behind the next children's clothing Etsy shop, TheMeasure, creates beautiful girl clothing that walks the fine line between vintage and modern. Most pieces are designed to grow with your little girl; dressses become tunics, pants turn into capris. I especially fancy her garments featuring Russian doll prints and detachable charms.
Girl's cardigan in multi-color stripe with cameo applique patch - Olivia
DOLL/HOUSE dress with house pocket and detachable Russian doll
The owner of the Etsy shop, bchildrenswear, creates fun everyday wear that reflects the essence of childhood. A lot of the garments are made of organic cotton and feature cute and playful handcrafted appliques that are sure to put smiles on little faces.
love letter shirt As seen in BABYTALK Magazine

love bot t
Are you on the lookout for a cute baby or toddler outfit for an upcoming photo shoot? Then head over to Emily's Etsy shop and you will find the cutest sets with fun colorful appliques, matching leg warmers and even hair accessories. Baby sets include onsies and toddler outfits come with tees.
Green and Purple, Owl Onsey with Matching Argyle Leg Warmers, and Hair Bow
Little Red Train Outfit
Finally, your little Lemon Loves Lime lover will adore these pretty leotard tutus from WhimsyRanch! Each fun and funky leotard reveals designer's love for children's books, animation and animals and is decorated with gorgeous appliques that are hand-stamped, handcrafted and made of recycled fabrics.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kate Mack Clothing for Fall/Winter 2011 is Now In Stock

Kate Mack - Pink Ruffled Bottom Tunic with Legging Set
We were so excited to receive out very first shipment of Kate Mack Clothing. Kate Mack outfits and Biscotti special occasion dresses looked beautiful on the hangers when we were ordering them at the kids clothing expo last spring. When pulled some outfits out of the boxes, we were impressed with how well this boutique girl clothing is made. The quality is top-notch, sizing is right on and designs are darling and unique. But it was when we put a few Kate Mack outfits on Jules that we truly fell in love with this beautiful girl clothes. Jules was so comfy in all three outfits and all of then fit her so well, it seemed like the outfits were custom-made just for her. Another quality of Kate Mack clothing that we love is that it works well for most occasions - school, play dates and special outings. And although all outfits have that special Kate Mack feel, they come in a variety of styles and colors that are bound to appeal to any little girl's taste. Our first Kate Mack photo shoot went smoothly and Jules was giving us smiles and striking poses in exchange for candy. Below are the pics from the photo shoot. Hope you enjoy them!

Kate Mack - Navy Blue Dress with Ruffle Skirt and Navy Blue Solid Legging
Kate Mack - Navy Blue Dress with Ruffle Skirt and Navy Blue Solid Legging
Kate Mack - Toddler Sweater Knit Dress in Pink and Girls Solid Brown Legging
Kate Mack - Toddler Sweater Knit Dress in Pink and Girls Solid Brown Legging
Kate Mack - Pink Ruffled Bottom Tunic with Legging Set

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy I'm Happy!

Dollcake - Vintage Girls Queen Bee Frock Dress
By Tatiana
The first thing that Jules said to me when I was getting her out of bed this morning was “Happy.” It sounded more like “Haa-pee,” but it was so darn cute and she had the most adorable look on her face. I knew right away it was going to be a good day.

It’s funny how much our days depend on Little Jules’ mood. She is a very cheerful little girl, but she has her moments and when Jules ain’t “Haa-pee,” nobody else in the household is. Well, I might exaggerate just a little bit, but stress levels go through the roof when Julia is in a bad mood. And when she giggles, and cuddles, and dances, and jumps for joy... those are the best times for our family. 

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

On this picture Jules is wearing a dress by Dollcake clothing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Help Your Favorite Brands Win an Ernie Award

Twirls and Twigs 
What's an Ernie Award, you ask? It is a prestigious recognition award given to "outstanding childrenswear companies." Each year, hundreds of children's wear, gifts and juvenile products companies get nominated. But very few per category make the ballot.

Now you have even more to brag about when somebody pays a compliment to your little trendsetter on his or her outfit. We are so proud to share with you that quite a few of the kids clothing brands we carry made it onto the ballot this year. Please take a few minutes to cast your vote for your favorite brands. Voting ends on September 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winners will be announced on October 3 at a fancy cocktail party in New York.

The following brands that we carry made it to the Ernie Awards. They are all outstanding companies that deserve this award for their darling products that kids love to wear and adults love to look at.
Best Hoisery: Baby Legs 
BabyLegs - Red and White Striped Leg Warmers
Best Infant Collection: Zutano, Kissy Kissy, Biscotti
Kissy Kissy - Sweet Pea Baby Take Me Home Set for Newborn
Best Boy's Collection: Knuckleheads Clothing
Knuckleheads Clothing - Radcliff Black/Grey Striped Cardigan
Best Girl's Collection: Twirls and Twigs
Twirls and Twigs - Dress with Sheer Sleeves & Ruffled Bottom Pant Set in Grey
Best Customer Service: Le Top/Rabbitmoon, BabyLegs
le top - PURRRFECT - Big Girl Dot Top with Bow & Rib Leggings
Best Comepany of the Year: Zutano

Zutano - Boys Elephant Parade Footie in Cream

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Etsy Treasures Sunday

By Tatiana
Woot-Woot! It's another beautiful Sunday, and even being in the middle of magnificent Kentuckian forest hasn't kept me from publishing our (and hopefully yours) beloved Etsy Treasures Sunday blog series. Before I start, I would like to invite everyone who has a favorite children's clothing and accessories Etsy shop or owns one to post a comment with a link right here and I might feature it in the next Etsy Treasures Sunday blog post. Today I will feature three shops that have captured my imagination with fabulous fabric combos. From luscious vintage, to fun and funky, to punk-rock, I hope you love these shops as much as I do.

Fall is just around the corner and this means, it's time for comfy leggings and fun leg warmers. Head over to Rachuel80 to grab a pair of playful ruffle jeggings (denim-looking leggings) or colorful tutu leg warmers that will keep you little fashionista warm and in style. While you are there, check out their funky girl clothing with a hint of vintage.
Tutu Legwarmer Orange and grey and pink zebra
Ulitmate Ruffle Pants "Denim look" knit
Flora Fox Fairy Tale Shirt
If you are searching for a picture-perfect look that can also work as an everyday fall outfit, then check out mama runs with scissors shop where you will find punk-rock leg warmers and skirts, tops or beanie combos for stylish little dudes and divas. For more info head over to mamarunswithscissors Facebook page and don't forget to mention that @MyLittleJules sent ya!
LITTLE MISTER MOUSTACHE--2 piece appliqued shirt and arm warmer combo
Soft and Cozy Cotton Interlock-2pc Skirt and Kool Kid Leg Warmer Set
For fabulous fall pictures, dress your princess in an outfit from pipsqueakcouture's luscious vintage collection. This Etsy seller creates one-of-a-kind couture girl pieces that are hand dyed and include clothing as well as accessories. Beautiful bloomers pictured on the images below can also be found at this shop. You can 'Like' pipsqueakcouture on Facebook and, again, please mention that @MyLittleJules referred you.
French Frolic Halter Apron Dress
The French Market Ruffled Full Apron
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and please share your favorite Etsy shops in the Comment section below this post!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Florida Tax Free Shopping on Kids Clothing and Accessories is finally here!

That's right, pay no sales tax on qualifying kids clothing and accessories purchases made in Florida from August 12 through August 14th. This wonderful discount is brought to us by the state government of Florida and is valid on any children's clothing items priced $75 or less per item. To shop tax-free at My Little Jules, simply enter Florida shipping address at check out. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on any order with code SHIPVIP (free shipping offer ends on Tuesday, August 16th).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flit & Flitter Fall 2011 Collection is now at My Little Jules

We were going to write a big blog post about how much we love Flit & Flitter fall 2011 collection and why... and then we did a small photo shoot of Little Jules wearing her two new Flit & Flitter outfits. Pictures truly speak better then words. You can see that she is having a blast in her new Flit & Flitter clothes and how fun, playful and super-duper comfy it is :)

Flit and Flitter - Girls Aiden Flit Capri Set
Flit and Flitter - Toddler Aiden Play Dress and Aiden Button Leggings 
Side ab workout
And a bit of jogging

How about some stretching? :)
One little monkey was jumping on the bed...

Giggly face
We finally wore her out :)

Zutano Baby Clothes Feature

Zutano - Apple Cozie Elf Coverall
If there was one clothing brand you baby girl or baby boy must have in their wardrobe this fall season, it's Zutano. Why, you ask? Well, where do we start. First of all, Zutano baby clothes is 100% cotton. What can be better for young gentle skin than that? Second, it comes in a gazillion of fun and funky prints, so you are bound to find an outfit that will match your little one's personalty. Third, it is really comfy. Forget ruffles, bows and uncomfortable collars. You little one needs comfy baby clothes to play, roll, crawl, run, fall and tottle around in. And Zutano does just that - it provides exceptional comfort for little explorers of this big and exciting world. Next, Zutano baby and toddler clothes is functional. Each garment has as many snaps and buttons as it needs to have for easy dressing and diaper changes. Zutano clothes washes well (and we are talking from experience here. Our Little Jules grew up wearing Zutano; and she has always been a very messy little girl) and doesn't stain very easily. Finally, Zutano creates clothes that is so easy to mix and match to create unique and whimsical outfits. Throw in a baby blanket or a baby hat, and you have an adorable baby gift that will actually be used.
Zutano - Fuchsia Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket
Zutano - Girls Secret Garden Footie in Pink
Zutano - Boys Elephant Parade Bootie in Cream
We are not the only ones loving this versatile and colorful brand. Zutano baby clothes has been featured in many popular magazines like Vogue Bambini, American Baby, Baby Couture, parenting and more. So, check out our wide selection of Zutano baby clothes and accessories.

And don't forget to take advantage of our Back to School Back to Cool promotion: get $10 off your $50+ order with code (SCHOOL10), $15 off your $75+ order with code (SCHOOL15) and $35 off your $150+ order with code (SCHOOL35). For more info and few restrictions click here.