Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flit & Flitter Fall 2011 Collection is now at My Little Jules

We were going to write a big blog post about how much we love Flit & Flitter fall 2011 collection and why... and then we did a small photo shoot of Little Jules wearing her two new Flit & Flitter outfits. Pictures truly speak better then words. You can see that she is having a blast in her new Flit & Flitter clothes and how fun, playful and super-duper comfy it is :)

Flit and Flitter - Girls Aiden Flit Capri Set
Flit and Flitter - Toddler Aiden Play Dress and Aiden Button Leggings 
Side ab workout
And a bit of jogging

How about some stretching? :)
One little monkey was jumping on the bed...

Giggly face
We finally wore her out :)

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