Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New

Twirls and Twigs - Dress with Sheer Sleeves
& Ruffled Bottom Pant Set in Grey
If you've been checking, you have probably noticed that spring 2012 pre-orders from Dollcake, Paper Wings, Mustard Pie, Pom Pom and some other brands are already up. Ooh La La Couture Cruise 2012 collection is already in stock and ready to ship, and more spring 2012 lines will be arriving at My Little Jules girls clothing boutique in the next week or so. This means, we need to make room in our warehouse for new pretties. Sooo... Now through the end of the year, you can get an additional 15% off all already reduced-price items! Just use coupon code SWEET15 at checkout (offer ends December 31 at 11:59 pm EST). And free shipping on orders on $69 and up still applies. Now is the best time to get great sales on Catimini, Zutano, Le Top, Persnickety Clothing, Twirls & Twigs and more of your favoring boutique kids clothing brands. What an awesome way to end a great year!

Don't wait till the last minute to get your items. Ordered are pouring in and we are selling out of many popular styles and sizes. Just remember, once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Little Jules Family Is Growing

By Tatiana
We have very exciting news to share with all of you! Although we've known for a while, we feel like now is the best time to spill it. Here it goes... My Little Jules family is expecting a baby girl due to be born on April 29! Little Jules is very excited to have a little sister to play with (and share all her toys with, ha!) and Peter and I are very-very happy - more cute little models for us, lol! Both Peter and I are the only children, I have a little sister that was born right before I moved to the United States from Russia, so I really never had a chance to bond with her. Both of us always longed for siblings that are close to our age, so we are delighted to give Little Jules such a wonderful gift! My first pregnancy was very easy and I couldn't have asked for more with this one either. No morning sickness, no crazy mood swings (although Peter might tell you otherwise, but what does he know), no extreme cravings or bad fatigue. In addition, a lot of our friends are either pregnant with their second ones or have just had babies. It seems like everyone is prego in 2011!

On the other note, our holidays were quite calm and relaxing. We took a few days off from work and focused on the family and friends. Christmas Eve was marked by a dinner with the family and friends and gift exchange. This was my parents' first Christmas with us, so they went a little overboard with gifts for Little Jules (we even decided to keep some of the gifts for later). On Christmas day we headed out to the beach. It was a perfect beach weather - warm, sunny with no strong breeze. We strolled along the boardwalk, dipped our toes in the water and played in the send. Here are a few pics from the holidays.

Family dinner and gift exchange...

Jules is checking out her stocking stuffers...

Still sleepy, but in anticipation of what's coming next...

Christmas in Florida :)

I love this shot!

Our little rock climber...

Daddy and his princess...

Jules decided to take a dip...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashionable Stocking Stuffers for Kids

By Tatiana
Being a mom is a tough-tough job. Being a mom around the holidays is even harder! I mean, we all know that a perfect Christmas and holidays that kids will remember for the rest of their lives depend on us, moms. Planning holiday parties, scheduling family photo sessions, picking out perfect holiday outfits for kids, baking cookies, making gingerbread houses, signing and sending holiday cards to your family, friends, coworkers and clients, decorating your house inside and out, planning holiday vacations, taking kids to all the cool holiday events around the town, shopping and wrapping gifts... I got tired just thinking about all this! Well, today, I wanted to make your life a little bit easier and suggest a few inexpensive and fashionable holiday gifts for kids that will help you check stocking stuffers off your busy holiday to-do list.

BabyLegs Leg Warmers and Socks
These cute accessories will keep little legs, arms, feet and hearts warm throughtout the colder months. Perfect to diapering, potty training or layering over tights, they will add a cheerful touch of color to your little one's holidays.

BabyLegs - Caroling Holiday Socks - $10
BabyLegs - Snowman Leg Warmers Holiday - $12
BabyLegs - Yikes Stripes! Hello Kitty - $14.99
BabyLegs - Bizzy Kitty 0-3M - $14.99

Catimini - Girls Striped Scarf with Kitty
We love this bright and colorful scarf that will compliment so many outfits! But if you really want to complete the look, get this Catimini - Girls Hooded Sweater Coat in Fuchsia/Green/Blue/Brown Stripes.
Catimini - Girls Striped Scarf with Kitty - $20
Knuckleheads Clothing Accessories for Boys
Shopping for boys can be tricky. There are not too many options that are both, fashionable and cool. But we have a few great solutions for you!
Knuckleheads Clothing - Checkered Suspenders One Size - $12
Knuckleheads Clothing - Walker Wool Fedora Hat with Checkered Band - $28
Knuckleheads Clothing - Red Vancouver Beanie Knuckleheads Logo - $13
Zutano Baby Booties, Accessories and Gifts
Zutano is one of our favorite baby brands that is renowned for its unique colorful prints and mix-and-match styles. And we just happen to have a huge Zutano sale going right now! You can get beautiful, practical baby gifts and accessories at prices as low as $4.20. What a steal!
Zutano - Owls Bib - $4.20; more colors are available
Zutano - Boys Elephant Parade Bootie in Cream - $12; more colors are available, also comes in fleece fabric
Zutano - Cream Fleece Baby Hat with Bear Ears - $7.5; more colors are available
Zutano - Fleece Baby Bold Fuchsia Stripe Mittens with String - $9.6 and under; more colors are available
Le Top 
This year, Le Top came out with the cutest holiday children's clothing collection that includes playful outfits and accessories for kids big and small. These two items have been to most popular stocking stuffers so far and both complete adorable holiday looks.
le top - Everyday Essentials Girls White Tights with Red Polka Dots Holiday - $11.05
le top-Candy Cane Cutie-Candy Stripe and Dot Earflap Sweater Hat Holiday - $16.8

Handmade Crochet Hats
No matter what time of the year it is, these gorgeous flower crochet hats, will complement your little diva's outfit and keep her ears protected from wind and chill.
THE CARLIE - Navy with Flowers Crochet Cloche Hat - $27
THE FAITH - Cream and White Stripe Crochet Cloche Hat - $27
CachCach Baby Gift Sets
For the smallest fashion-savvy munchkins these beautiful gift sets will make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer. In the company of adorable characters your little one is guaranteed to have the sweetest dreams!
CachCach - Got to Fly Butterfly - Pink Stripe Gown and Butterfly Lovie Sleep Set 0-3M - $36
CachCach - Boys Lion Jumpsuit in Brown with Lion Applique - $25
CachCach - Boys Lion Lovie Blankie - $18.2
Mini Shatsu t-shirts and onsies
And last but not the least, Mini Shatsu t-shirts and onsies are perfect with little guys with big personalities. Choose from on array of cool prints from scuba diver to biker to little CEO that moms and dads will love and everyone else will envy!
Mini Shatsu - Short Sleeve The Big Catch Polo Shirt  - $18
Mini Shatsu - Short Sleeve Underground DJ Vintage Gold Onesie - $15

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Biggest Zutano Sale - Up to 60% Off

It is here, Zutano Holiday Clearance Sale! Everything from Zutano baby and toddler has been discounted up to 60%. We have a ton of cute baby outfits and gifts for under $10. Zutano booties are on sale for $13.5 and under, Zutano mittens are $9.60 and under and Zutano bibs are only $4.20! Make you own PJ sets, put together fun colorful gifts that will truly express your little one's personality and put a smile on the cute little face!

But that's not all. Order $50 or more worth of products from My Little Jules now through December 12, 2011, and get a free gift wrap package that includes reusable gift bag, wrapping tissue, holiday card with an envelope and a matching sticker. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Bye Winter, Hello Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012

Feeling a little chilly these winter days? Longing for spring and warm sunny days? We have just the perfect solution for you and it is Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 collection! Now in stock and available for immediate delivery. While it won't fast-forward the time and make the cold winter end sooner, it will definitely make you feel warm and cozy inside and brighten up even the gloomiest days. We love Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 for it's bright and cheerful colors and array of fun designs.

Let's do a quick review. Cruise 2012 Wrap Dress is a new body style to Ooh La La! Couture and comes in a range of prints and colors. It features teared tutu skirt that will flow and move freely (remember some of the more popular Ooh La La! Spring 2011 styles?) as well as sparkly studs on the front bodice and a cute playful bow. This Girls Hollywood Print Wrap Dress is my personal favorite and will make a perfect cruise, spring and summer dress for any occasion.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Hollywood Print Wrap Dress
Western divas and little hipsters will love this faux jean Leopard Heart Dress (unfortunately, hat is not included). Sequin heart applique adds sparkle while two-toned leopard tutu skirt is sure to attract attention anywhere your little fashionista goes.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Can-Can Leopard Heart Dress in Navy
For your little daydreamer, this Dream Dress in Hot Pink will make a gorgeous special occasion outfit or even a costume for dress-up princess play. Sequin bodice, oversized bow made of campaign silk and multi-layered organza skirt make this stunning dress a head-turner.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Dream Dress in Hot Pink
Punk-rock divas will have a ton of fun wearing this Motorcycle Dress in Black featuring contrasting stitching, sparkly studs and cool print on the back. Add a pair of high lace-up boots to complete the look (and make sure to share a pic of your girls wearing the outfit with us!).
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Motorcycle Dress in Black
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Motorcycle Dress in Black
Visit our website to see the rest of  Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 collection including a darling baby tutu onsie!

Monday, December 5, 2011

BabyLegs Leg Warmers Giveaway Results

So.... the winner has been chosen and will contacted via email. There were 10 elves hidden in the video. Here are the pics they were in :) Thank you all so much for taking a part in our giveaway. If you haven't checked out our My Little Jules Christmas video yet, you can do so at the end of this post.

One Hat Two Hat, Old Hat New Hat

As some of you might know, Little Jules loooooves her hats. She goes to bed with them, she eats in them, she takes them anywhere she goes. So, yesterday we decided to take all of Jules' hats on a walk in the park and pay them a little tribute for all the fun and special moment they have shared with our daughter. Little Jules had a blast changing her hats, monkeying around at the playground and taking little adventure hikes around the park, and Peter and I enjoyed much-needed family time. All of these beautiful crochet hats are hand-made and are available for purchase at My Little Jules. Jules adores her crochet hats for their comfy and cozy fit, and we love them for their cheerful bright colors and fresh look. These hats will make beautiful stocking stuffers that are sure to complement any little diva's wardrobe. Check out a fun short video at the end of this post!

Is there an items of clothing your kid absolutely loves??? Please share!
THE CARLIE - Navy with Flowers Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE SARAH - White with Flower Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE MARLIE - Hot Orange with Flowers Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE FAITH - Cream and White Stripe Crocheted Cloche Hat