Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Bye Winter, Hello Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012

Feeling a little chilly these winter days? Longing for spring and warm sunny days? We have just the perfect solution for you and it is Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 collection! Now in stock and available for immediate delivery. While it won't fast-forward the time and make the cold winter end sooner, it will definitely make you feel warm and cozy inside and brighten up even the gloomiest days. We love Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 for it's bright and cheerful colors and array of fun designs.

Let's do a quick review. Cruise 2012 Wrap Dress is a new body style to Ooh La La! Couture and comes in a range of prints and colors. It features teared tutu skirt that will flow and move freely (remember some of the more popular Ooh La La! Spring 2011 styles?) as well as sparkly studs on the front bodice and a cute playful bow. This Girls Hollywood Print Wrap Dress is my personal favorite and will make a perfect cruise, spring and summer dress for any occasion.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Hollywood Print Wrap Dress
Western divas and little hipsters will love this faux jean Leopard Heart Dress (unfortunately, hat is not included). Sequin heart applique adds sparkle while two-toned leopard tutu skirt is sure to attract attention anywhere your little fashionista goes.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Can-Can Leopard Heart Dress in Navy
For your little daydreamer, this Dream Dress in Hot Pink will make a gorgeous special occasion outfit or even a costume for dress-up princess play. Sequin bodice, oversized bow made of campaign silk and multi-layered organza skirt make this stunning dress a head-turner.
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Dream Dress in Hot Pink
Punk-rock divas will have a ton of fun wearing this Motorcycle Dress in Black featuring contrasting stitching, sparkly studs and cool print on the back. Add a pair of high lace-up boots to complete the look (and make sure to share a pic of your girls wearing the outfit with us!).
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Motorcycle Dress in Black
Ooh La La Couture - Girls Motorcycle Dress in Black
Visit our website to see the rest of  Ooh La La! Couture Cruise 2012 collection including a darling baby tutu onsie!


  1. OMG that little girl is the cutest stinkin thing I have ever seen! Clothes are adorable too!

  2. The little girl is so adorable. I have a daughter who is probably of the same age as her and I think she would look good on that pink dress.

    winter fashion

  3. Love these dresses, they are really adorable!