Monday, December 5, 2011

One Hat Two Hat, Old Hat New Hat

As some of you might know, Little Jules loooooves her hats. She goes to bed with them, she eats in them, she takes them anywhere she goes. So, yesterday we decided to take all of Jules' hats on a walk in the park and pay them a little tribute for all the fun and special moment they have shared with our daughter. Little Jules had a blast changing her hats, monkeying around at the playground and taking little adventure hikes around the park, and Peter and I enjoyed much-needed family time. All of these beautiful crochet hats are hand-made and are available for purchase at My Little Jules. Jules adores her crochet hats for their comfy and cozy fit, and we love them for their cheerful bright colors and fresh look. These hats will make beautiful stocking stuffers that are sure to complement any little diva's wardrobe. Check out a fun short video at the end of this post!

Is there an items of clothing your kid absolutely loves??? Please share!
THE CARLIE - Navy with Flowers Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE SARAH - White with Flower Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE MARLIE - Hot Orange with Flowers Crocheted Cloche Hat
THE FAITH - Cream and White Stripe Crocheted Cloche Hat

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