Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pixie Girl Clothing Comes to My Little Jules

By Tatiana
Pixie Girl - Cake Halter Top in Grey and Cream 
Pixie Girl clothing is one of our newest lines and I am super-duper excited about it. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, it's very cute. Created by a Cuban American designer and photographer Vicki Sigg, Pixie Girl clothing was born in 2010 after Vicki discovered another form of artistic expression in sewing. Vicki was captivated by the limitless possibilities sewing had presented. And the natural evolution for her was to share this new-found talent through Pixie Girl, everyday girl outfits that feel and look like "dress up" clothes.

Pixie Girl - Peony Top in Cream and Pink
Second, Pixie Girl clothing has its appeal to a wide range of ages. No matter how old your little diva is, from 12 months to 10 years, Pixie Girl clothing will offer a style that she is sure to love and come back to over and over again. Finally, and most importantly, Pixie Girl clothing is incredibly comfy because comfort is the number one criteria for Pixie Girl designs. Vicki creates the majority of Pixie Girl's styles from ultra-soft rayon-elastane fabric that allows room to play, grow and even sleep! And you know you won't be ripping off any scratchy tags from Pixie Girls clothes either (there are none).

Pixie Girl - Peony Pants in Soft denim
Another Pixie Girl clothing benefit worth mentioning is that it's pretty easy to take care of! Just throw it in the washing machine with other soft fabrics and use gentle cycle in warm water. It is best to lay it out to dry. No ironing needed!

Although all Pixie Girl design are beautiful, one of my personal favorite items from spring 2012 line is Pixie Girl Peony Pants in soft denim. You can wear them with pretty much any top (just like regular jeans). They look like cute ruffled denim pants, but feel like PJ's. These pants will mix well with such brands as Persnickety Clothing, Deux Par Deux, Dollcake clothing and other boutique girls clothing brands. It is definitely a must-have item for any little trend-setter.

Persnickety Spring 2012 Photo Shoot With Little Jules

Peter and Jules had some fun daddy-and-daughter time yesterday. They grabbed a few Persnickety Clothing Spring 2012 outfits that have just arrived, headed over to one of the cool shooting spots nearby and took a few amazing pictures. I haven't had a chance to sort through them all, but here are a few that turned out fabulous! Jules is wearing size 2T in all of the outfits (she is 26 lb and 33") and everything seems to run more true to size than in previous seasons. The only piece that we felt ran large was the Sunny Tunic; size 18M would work better for her, but even then, she would need to wear a tank top under. Anyway, here are the pics. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Perfect Birthday Girl Dress from Ooh La La Couture

Ooh La La Couture - Pink and WhiteVarsity Birthday Dress
It happens quite often at My Little Jules kids clothing boutique that a customer calls in who needs her package to be delivered by a certain day or even overnighted. And the most popular brand to be sent via Express Mail is Ooh La La Couture. Can you guess why? Because Ooh La La Couture is the hottest-selling line for birthday girl outfits and special occasion dresses. It's easy to see why. These unique tutu dresses and outfits offer a fancy yet comfortable look that is fun, playful and stylish. No wonder moms and their fashion-savvy daughters across the world love Ooh La La Couture brand! Among Ooh La La Couture admirers are many young celebrities including P. Diddy's adorable twins, Bella Thorne, Morgan Lily and Alexis Jayde.

Ooh La La Couture -
Swirls & Twirls Black
Poufier Dress
But no worries, Ooh La La Couture's high status among a-listers doesn't means that it is out of reach for the rest of us. Unlike some other high ticket special-occasion-brand dresses, Ooh La La Couture outfits sell for about $80 to $110 retail. If you are not in a rush, you can try and snatch one of these dresses during an Ooh La La Couture sale at your favorite kids clothing boutique - like My Little Jules. Although I have to warn you that it's a pretty small brand and some dresses and sizes sell out before they even go on sale. So if you have your
Ooh La La Couture - WowShimmy Dress in Pink Lady
heart set on a particular dress, don't wait.

At My Little Jules boutique we have one of the best selections of Ooh La La Couture dresses. Ooh La La Couture Cruse 2012 collection is already in stock and ready to be shipped. Ooh La La Couture Summer 2012 is available for pre-orders. Till the end of January, My Little Jules children's clothing boutique is offering a little perk to everyone who pre-orders an Ooh La La Couture dress from the Summer 2012 line. Just use coupon code FREEBIE at checkout and you will get a cute matching hair accessory with your order. Happy shopping and be prepared to hear "Ooh! La, La!" as your little diva strolls by in her brand-new gorgeous dress from Ooh La La  Couture!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Misha Lulu Spring 2012 Is Now Available

Whoo-hoo! The first two collections from Misha Lulu Spring 2012 are now available for pre-order! And, as always, the best place to get your Misha fix, is at My Little Jules. We have cherry-picked the best Misha Lulu spring 2012 pieces while making sure we have the majority of outfits represented on our website. It won't be long till you have some of your goodies on hand. The first collection, Fun with Misha, begins shipping to retailers in just a few weeks - sometime around mid February. And if you are into mushrooms, whimsical characters and fun, then you will love this sweet line. My personal two favorite outfits from this collection are Misha Lulu Mushroom House Tank paired with Circus Shorts and Misha Lulu Hi Bunny Tee together with My Yellow Skirt (or you can also pair Hi Bunny Tee with the Circus Shorts for younger girls and playground outings). Check them out!
Misha Lulu Mushroom House Tank paired with Circus Shorts
Misha Lulu - Hi Bunny Short-Sleeve Cotton Tee paired with My Yellow Skirt
By now, you are probably wondering if collaboration between Misha Lulu and Hello Kitty continued into this coming spring. Oh, yes! And it's cute than ever! One of the Misha Lulu Hello Kitty lines, Good life with Hello Kitty, features lovable Hello Kitty character in her veggie and flower garden and can already be pre-ordered online. It will begin shipping to your local and online kids clothing boutiques in March. The must-have outfits from Misha Lulu Good life with Hello Kitty collection are Hello Kitty Garden Dress, Misha Lulu Good Life Dress and Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Ride Tank Dress with Biker Shorts.
Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Garden Dress
Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Good Life Dress
Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Tank Dress with Hello Kitty Biker Shorts

The second Misha Lulu Hello Kitty collection is all about Hello Kitty's sailing adventures together with her cute mouse friend. Like the second regular Misha Lulu collection themed around circus and circus performers, it will be available for pre-orders on February 15th.

From what we hear, quantities are very limited - Misha Lulu has already sold what it could produce from the available fabric. So if Misha Lulu Spring 2012 outfits are on your must-have list, don't wait to reserve your pieces. If you are shopping at My Little Jules boutique, you can use coupon code PREORDER on any pre-order items to pay 50% down at checkout and 50% when your items are ready to be shipped (we will contact you for payment). 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Persnickety Spring 2012 Pre-orders Are Available At My Little Jules

I know, I know. Persnickety Clothing Spring 2012 Pre-Orders started a week ago and it's only now that I got a change to blog about. Things have been really crazy over here since last Monday, when we released Persnickety spring 2012 line! We have already reordered some styles and sizes multiple times (and we thought we had plenty to last through the season before the launch!!!). Persnickety's spring 2012 collection swept kids fashion world off its feet, leaving quite a few moms and grandma's tormented over their final Persnickety shopping lists and dads fuming over their dear wives' spending habits ;)

By now I have a pretty good idea about the most popular outfits that we are expecting to be the first ones to sell out for good. I'm posting pictures to these outfits here. But, as you already know, we carry pretty much full Persnickety Clothing line, so check out our website to see all the pretties and grab a thing or two (or ten) for your little princess!

Persnickety Clothing - Maya Dress in Yellow
Persnickety Clothing - Lou Lou Top in Turquoise and Gold Bloomers Set
Persnickety Clothing - Opal Dress in Ivory
Persnickety Clothing - Coolots in Pink Stripe and Fannie Top Set
Persnickety Clothing - Sunny Tunic in Yellow and Yellow Ruffle Shorts Set
Persnickety Clothing - Sandy Slip Dress in Cream
Persnickety Clothing - Lou Lou Top in Turquoise and Paige Skirt Set
This one has been especially popular for bigger girls.
Persnickety Clothing - Gypsy Skirt in Ivory and Hannah Top in Yellow Set
The first collection called Heirloom will begin shipping to retailers just a few days from now - on January 15th and we expect to get it out to you by the end of January. The second collection, Seaside, will start shipping to retailers on February 15th and should be shipped out to customers by the end of February.