Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pixie Girl Clothing Comes to My Little Jules

By Tatiana
Pixie Girl - Cake Halter Top in Grey and Cream 
Pixie Girl clothing is one of our newest lines and I am super-duper excited about it. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, it's very cute. Created by a Cuban American designer and photographer Vicki Sigg, Pixie Girl clothing was born in 2010 after Vicki discovered another form of artistic expression in sewing. Vicki was captivated by the limitless possibilities sewing had presented. And the natural evolution for her was to share this new-found talent through Pixie Girl, everyday girl outfits that feel and look like "dress up" clothes.

Pixie Girl - Peony Top in Cream and Pink
Second, Pixie Girl clothing has its appeal to a wide range of ages. No matter how old your little diva is, from 12 months to 10 years, Pixie Girl clothing will offer a style that she is sure to love and come back to over and over again. Finally, and most importantly, Pixie Girl clothing is incredibly comfy because comfort is the number one criteria for Pixie Girl designs. Vicki creates the majority of Pixie Girl's styles from ultra-soft rayon-elastane fabric that allows room to play, grow and even sleep! And you know you won't be ripping off any scratchy tags from Pixie Girls clothes either (there are none).

Pixie Girl - Peony Pants in Soft denim
Another Pixie Girl clothing benefit worth mentioning is that it's pretty easy to take care of! Just throw it in the washing machine with other soft fabrics and use gentle cycle in warm water. It is best to lay it out to dry. No ironing needed!

Although all Pixie Girl design are beautiful, one of my personal favorite items from spring 2012 line is Pixie Girl Peony Pants in soft denim. You can wear them with pretty much any top (just like regular jeans). They look like cute ruffled denim pants, but feel like PJ's. These pants will mix well with such brands as Persnickety Clothing, Deux Par Deux, Dollcake clothing and other boutique girls clothing brands. It is definitely a must-have item for any little trend-setter.

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