Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spreading the Joy with Livie and Luca

Livie & Luca Ivy Pearl Girl Shoe
If a Livie and Luca shoe could whisper in your ear it would say …Spread Joy! It would tell of its journey from a sweet bubble of an idea to a final inspired design. You would hear of its crafting in the hands of artisans where beautiful materials are combined with touches of whimsy and joy to create a shoe unlike any other. Working passionately is the way of life at Livie & Luca, and you will see and feel it in each shoe they make.

This spring and summer, My Little Jules boutique carries an extensive selection of Livie & Luca shoes including such sought-after styles as Livie & Luca Ivy Pearl shoe and Livie & Luca Pio Pio Blue shoe. Because this is the first line of shoes carried by our kids clothing boutique, a lot of thought and conservation was put into selecting just the right brand. Livie and Luca shoes met all our highest standards and expectation in terms of the brand's mission, design, quality and business practices.

Livie & Luca Pio Pio Light Blue Girl Shoe
Not only Livie and Luca makes incredibly cute, comfortable kids shoes, it incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly practices to tread lightly on the earth. It chooses materials and providers carefully, making efforts to work with companies that use no harmful chemicals in their leather tanning process, for example.

Livie & Luca shes are about handmade. It wants customers to remember that their baby and toddler shoes are made by hand. It takes great pride in its artisanship, from the design, to materials, to shoe construction. And because of this, Livie & Luca shoes are a work of art. No pair of shoes is exactly alike, each pair as unique as the child who wears them.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jelly The Pug Debuts New Spring Baby Styles Plus a Couple of Surprise Big Girl Dresses

We are so happy to announce that My Little Jules boutique will be adding four new Jelly the Pug baby rompers to our amazing Jelly the Pug spring 2012 selection starting next week. A couple of days ago we have learned that Jelly the Pug released new baby styles to match its Jelly the Pug Opal and Jelly the Pug Poem collections. These baby girl rompers are absolutely darling and, unlike previous spring 2012 baby styles, come in a wide range of sizes from only 3 month all the way up to 2T. We will also be adding a couple of big girl styles including a super cute knit dress (pictures are coming soon)!

My Little Jules is one of the largest Jelly the Pug retailers carrying 20 different boutique girls clothing styles from Jelly the Pug spring 2012 collection and adding 6 more styles next week. We also carry matching hair accessories by Buds and Bows. Some of the more popular girl dresses this spring have been Jelly the Pug Opal Swirl Dress, Poem Katy Dress, Poem Patty Dress, Happy Patty Dress and Opal Puffy Dress. My Little Jules boutique offers 10% discount to all first-time customer with coupon code WELCOME as well as free shipping on all orders of $69 and up. Please see images below to check out new baby styles, popular Jelly the Pug spring dresses and matching hair accessories.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Comes to My Little Jules

It's spring break across the country and our Florida beaches are flooded with tourists looking to get some warm sunshine and open the 2012 swimming season. Although it's waaay too cold to swim for us, spoiled Floridians, this evening, Little Jules decided to mingle with the crowd and headed over to Clearwater Beach for some shell picking and toe dipping. Jules wanted to wear something beach-appropriate. It was a toss between Little Joule Summer Croquet Girl Dress in Beach (see picture below) and Jules' brand new Swanky Baby Vintage outfit: Bella's Baby Doll Top and Triple Ruffle Leggings Rainbow Sherbet. After consulting with her fashion adviser (aka. mom), Jules decided to save the dress for a more formal occasion and go with Swanky Baby Vintage outfit. Below are a few pics from this evening, including an unedited image to showcase the vibrant colors of Swanky Baby Vintage clothing. Thank you for looking!

This is what you get when you ask Little Jules and her dad Peter to make funny faces :)
 "Swanky Baby Vintage rocks!"
"Ok, mom, enough pictures already!"
An unedited image to showcase the true colors.
Little Joule Summer Croquet Girl Dress in Beach

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oilily Photo Shoot Wilth Sweet Little Jules

Donia School Dress Once Upon a Time
and Tiska Legging Red Stripe 
By Tatiana
Our Little Jules loves taking pictures! So, on Saturday we grabbed a few brand new Oilily outfits and headed over to the park for a fun little Oilily photo shoot. Our woody city park is a perfect setting for fairy-tale-inspired Once Upon A Time Oilily spring 2012 collection. Little Jules' favorite outfit was Oilily Tee With Limo Garden Print and Shaza Double Layer Skirt Pink. Little Jules especially loved Limo Garden tee for its print that features so many of her favorite things, like little blue bird, flowers, cupcakes and even a slice of watermelon! And the skirt was super comfy to run around in. My favorite was Oilily Donia School Dress because it reminded me of all my favorite childhood fairy tales that my grandma used to read to me before bedtime.

Founded in 1963, Oilily immediately stood out from other children’s clothing brands for its virtuoso color combinations, a mix of influence from all over the globe, amusing details and very high quality. It’s inspiring signature came from placing how children experience the world at the center in the creative process. Oilily has a huge fan base from all over the world. Oilily Spring 2012 collection is inspired by folklore of famous fairytales that children all over the world love.

All samples that Little Jules is wearing are size 2T (92). Tees and Shaza skirt run pretty true to size, while Tiska Legging Red Stripe and Oilily Patchwork Skirt Pink run about 1 size larger. Oilily Donia School Dress was a little tight around the chest, so size 3T would work better for our Little Jules who is 27 lb and 33" tall. Let me know what you think!
Oilily Tee With Limo Garden Print and Shaza Double Layer Skirt Pink
Oilily Tee With Limo Garden Print and Shaza Double Layer Skirt Pink 
Oilily Tee With Limo Garden Print and Shaza Double Layer Skirt Pink 
Oilily Tee With Limo Garden Print and Shaza Double Layer Skirt Pink 
Oilily Tee White Princess On The Pea and Spring Patchwork Skirt Pink
Oilily Tee White Princess On The Pea and Spring Patchwork Skirt Pink
Oilily Tee White Princess On The Pea and Spring Patchwork Skirt Pink
Donia School Dress Once Upon a Time and Tiska Legging Red Stripe
Donia School Dress Once Upon a Time and Tiska Legging Red Stripe

Donia School Dress Once Upon a Time and Tiska Legging Red Stripe

Friday, March 9, 2012

Swanky Baby Vintage at My Little Jules boutique

Do you love vintage-inspired boutique kids clothes? Are you always on the lookout for new unique children's clothing brands that combine comfort with style? Then you are going to love Swanky Baby Vintage! Swanky Baby Vintage boutique girls clothing is a modern clothing line with old fashion appeal that combines the simplicity of being classic, the ease of being comfortable and the luxury of being quality. Southern in charm and timeless in style, the fashions of Swanky Baby Vintage offer bold patterns and colorful prints in traditional silhouettes updated with contemporary expectations. These easy to mix & match styles create the perfect wardrobe essentials for on-the-go fashion-savvy girls ages 18M through 8 years. What's more, Swanky Baby Vintage clothing is so easy to care for!

My Little Jules boutique offers an extensive selection of Swanky Baby Vintage spring 2012 Seaside collection. Most pieces are still available in all sizes.  Some of the more popular pieces this season have been Swanky Baby Vintage Lily's Love Dress, Swanky Baby Vintage Triple Ruffle Leggings Saltwater Taffy, Swanky Baby Vintage Simple Sara Yoke Tee, Swanky Baby Vintage Bubble Shorts Peachy Keen as well as Triple Ruffle Leggings Banana SplitTriple Ruffle Leggings Peachy Keen and Swanky Baby Vintage Oh Hubba Bubble Dress. My Little Jules offers free shipping on all orders of $69 and up in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Swanky Baby Vintage - Bubble Shorts Peachy Keen and Simple Sara Yoke Tee Rainbow Sherbet
Swanky Baby Vintage - Lily's Love Dress Rainbow Sherbet and Triple Ruffle Leggings Saltwater Taffy
Swanky Baby Vintage - Bella's Baby Doll Top in Peachy Lime Sherbet

New Images of Persnickety Clothing Spring 2012 Collection

Persnickety Clothing has proved one more time that there is no limit to mixing and matching its unparalleled garments with brand new images of Persnickety Clothing Spring 2012 collection. These beautiful photos that the company outsourced to photographers and studios around the country burst with color and surprise with unexpected garment combos and accessory uses.

After getting a fresh look at the Persnickety Clothing spring 2012 collection we at My Little Jules boutique fell in love with this breathtaking clothing all over again! My Little Jules is one of the largest retailers of Persnickety Clothing and all of the pieces featured in new images are available at our girls clothing boutique - the majority of them in all sizes. We are also always happy to help you find an item or size that is not available on our website. All orders of $69 and up ship for free in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Click on any image to check out My Little Jules' selection of Persnickety Clothing.