Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spreading the Joy with Livie and Luca

Livie & Luca Ivy Pearl Girl Shoe
If a Livie and Luca shoe could whisper in your ear it would say …Spread Joy! It would tell of its journey from a sweet bubble of an idea to a final inspired design. You would hear of its crafting in the hands of artisans where beautiful materials are combined with touches of whimsy and joy to create a shoe unlike any other. Working passionately is the way of life at Livie & Luca, and you will see and feel it in each shoe they make.

This spring and summer, My Little Jules boutique carries an extensive selection of Livie & Luca shoes including such sought-after styles as Livie & Luca Ivy Pearl shoe and Livie & Luca Pio Pio Blue shoe. Because this is the first line of shoes carried by our kids clothing boutique, a lot of thought and conservation was put into selecting just the right brand. Livie and Luca shoes met all our highest standards and expectation in terms of the brand's mission, design, quality and business practices.

Livie & Luca Pio Pio Light Blue Girl Shoe
Not only Livie and Luca makes incredibly cute, comfortable kids shoes, it incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly practices to tread lightly on the earth. It chooses materials and providers carefully, making efforts to work with companies that use no harmful chemicals in their leather tanning process, for example.

Livie & Luca shes are about handmade. It wants customers to remember that their baby and toddler shoes are made by hand. It takes great pride in its artisanship, from the design, to materials, to shoe construction. And because of this, Livie & Luca shoes are a work of art. No pair of shoes is exactly alike, each pair as unique as the child who wears them.

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