Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Comes to My Little Jules

It's spring break across the country and our Florida beaches are flooded with tourists looking to get some warm sunshine and open the 2012 swimming season. Although it's waaay too cold to swim for us, spoiled Floridians, this evening, Little Jules decided to mingle with the crowd and headed over to Clearwater Beach for some shell picking and toe dipping. Jules wanted to wear something beach-appropriate. It was a toss between Little Joule Summer Croquet Girl Dress in Beach (see picture below) and Jules' brand new Swanky Baby Vintage outfit: Bella's Baby Doll Top and Triple Ruffle Leggings Rainbow Sherbet. After consulting with her fashion adviser (aka. mom), Jules decided to save the dress for a more formal occasion and go with Swanky Baby Vintage outfit. Below are a few pics from this evening, including an unedited image to showcase the vibrant colors of Swanky Baby Vintage clothing. Thank you for looking!

This is what you get when you ask Little Jules and her dad Peter to make funny faces :)
 "Swanky Baby Vintage rocks!"
"Ok, mom, enough pictures already!"
An unedited image to showcase the true colors.
Little Joule Summer Croquet Girl Dress in Beach

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