Tuesday, April 3, 2012

European Kids Clothing and European Girl Clothes

Oilily - Tulip Frilly Sun Dress White
What parent doesn't love to dress up her kids? But not too many parents are aware that there's the whole world of ever-changing kids fashion out there with trends that come and go and kids clothing brands that set those trends. Just like in the world of adult fashion, most leading kids clothing brands come from Europe. Those European kids clothing brands are distinguished not only by their high style, but also long-lasting quality, comfort, unique designs and fabrics. Many of these European kids clothing brands, such as Oilily Girls, Room Seven, Little Joule Girls, No Added Sugar, Pom Pom Casual, Catimini and Desigual Kids, can be found at My Little Jules boutique. Every season we cherry-pick the best designs from most popular kids fashion brands from Europe to bring them from over the sea and to your fingertips. Please visit our website to find the full selection of these European kids clothes brands.


  1. From babies to preschoolers and tweens, kids grow fast and need clothing that can handle alot of wear and tear.

  2. This type of sundresses makes baby girl comfortable,clothes or outfits for kids is very difficult task and specially for baby girls mostly people get confused but the range you have is very helpful in selecting the clothes easily

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