Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Jules' Afternoon Fun with Cloud Dough

By Tatiana
It's been a little chilly for this time of the year down here in Fl. So, since we couldn't enjoy the beach this weekend, I decided to try our a cloud dough recipe I stumbled upon a few days ago and bring the beach (or a little part of it) to our back porch this sunny afternoon. To make the cloud dough I used 8 cups of all-purpose flour mixed with one cup canola oil (you can use vegetable or baby oil as well). It didn't leave our hand greasy, but made the flour sticky enough for making castles, cupcakes and mini snowmen (or should I say cloud dough man?). Our playtime quickly got pretty messy, so I'm glad I put a large beach towel down on the floor. Little Jules had a lot of fun digging her little fingers into the "sand." Here are a few pics!

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