Sunday, May 6, 2012

Welcoming A New Baby

By Tatiana
And we made it till Sunday. It's been an amazing week filled with emotion, family bonding time and smiles here at My Little Jules. On Tuesday, May 1, My Little Jules family welcomed its newest member, Baby Emma. It's been such an overwhelming experience for all of us. For Little Jules, it's taking on a role of the big sister; till now, she has been in the center of our attention. For Peter and I, it's learning that you can't love one of your children more than the other, no matter how long they have been in your life for. But I have to say, the whole experience, the transition from a family of three to the family of four, has been so much easier then I imagined.

My biggest worry was that with Emma's birth, between work and the new baby, I would not be able to dedicate enough time to Little Jules. However, Emma's birth distracted us from our 'non-stop working' routine and allowed Peter and I to refocus on our precious children. We've spent every evening together, all four of us, no one at the computer or on the phone. And, unlike in the past few weeks, I feel like when I'm with Little Jules and Peter (and Baby Emma), I'm actually there, in the moment, not thinking about all things on my 'to-do' list. It almost feels like Baby Emma's birth 'recharged' our family and brought it closer.

I think with the second one (as least that's the experience it's been for me), you know what to expect and you are emotionally and mentally ready. You know that they really will eat every 2 hours day and night, poop a gazillion times a day and throw a huge fit when you are the most tired and vulnerable. You know that their tummy will hurt and how to deal with it. You know that it's ok for the baby to cry here and there because it's her only way of vocalizing her needs and that it's fine to let the baby sleep on the lounge chair during family pool time.

Baby Emma also tought me to cherish each moment to a much greater extent. I enjoyed spending time with newborn Little Jules no less then I enjoy spending time with Baby Emma. But now, it's not just someone on the street telling me how quickly they grow up. I know it. I know that in a week from now Emma is not going to be this tiny. And it makes me appreciate each moment spent with her and each moment spent with Little Jules much more. They are not going to be this little forever.

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