Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Jules Wears: Pom Pom Casual, Swanky Baby Vintage, Le Top, Zutano

So, Jules started day care last week. It's been quite an adjustment for all of us, but she seems to enjoy it very much. It's amazing how mush Jules has matured after only a week at daycare! She became so much more outgoing and independent, learned to take off her shoes and pull up undies and is talking so much better.  While it's definitely been a little stressful to drop her off in the mornings, sending Jules to daycare has been long overdue. Now Peter and I now have more time to work on the business and, in addition to a few part-time helpers, Jules' ex-nanny, Katie, who has been with us since the birth of My Little Jules, now works full-time as My Little Jules Inventory Manager and is learning a few customer service tricks as well!

The sad part is that I can no longer dress Jules in whatever I want. I have to figure out outfits that are comfy, practical but still cute. So, here are a few pics of what Jules wore to daycare this week. Brands from top to bottom are Swanky Baby Vintage, Le Top, Zutano and a Pom Pom Casual outfit Jules wore to a birthday party this weekend. Shoes and cute flower clippie are by Joyfolie. Most of these outfits are now on sale at My Little Jules boutique.

I am not a big fan of matchy-matchy outfits, but this one from Swanky Baby Vintage is just too cute! We got a TON of complements at daycare that day. I also love Swanky Baby Vintage hair clips. Little Jules' hair is pretty fine and a lot of clips slide right off. This one holds on nicely for a long time.

Love this colorful Le Top set, it's so fun! You can barely see bubble shorties from under the top which, in my opinion, makes the set look even cuter.

Zutano tees are perfect for daycare. They wash and wear very nicely and can be matched with many cute bottoms. I don't have a decent pic of the whole outfit, but Jules wore her Zutano Owl tee with Swanky Baby Vintage bubble shorts in Dunkin Booth Blue.

Finally, Pom Pom Casual set with Joyfolie Genevieve shoes. LOVE! Jules looked like a little princess :) The tank is a little big on her, but I like to get outfits with a little room to grow.

Thanks for looking!

Persnickety Clothing Fall Preview - Release Two

So, Persnickety Clothing is doing something really fun to stir up excitement for the second release of its head-turning, show-stopping fall 2012 collection. They are sharing sneak peeks of the second fall release every day on their Facebook page. I'll be adding images to this post as more preview are released, so come back and check often. Pre-orders for Persnickety Clothing second release fall collection will start on August 1st. My Little Jules boutique is the largest Persnickety Clothing retailer this fall both in the US and worldwide. Come get your Persnickety Clothing fix with us! We will be honored to serve you and are available to answer your questions by phone: (866)322-2783, on Facebook or via email.

Fist release of Persnickety Clothing fall line is already available for purchase on our website. Many styles are in stock and can be shipped out right away.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Emma's First Wardrobe: Twirls and Twigs, Le Top, Flit and Flitter

Baby Emma posed for me as I took some cute pictures of the outfits from My Little Jules boutique she wore over the past few days. The brands Emma is wearing (from top to bottom) are Kids Ink, Twirls and Twigs, Le Top, Flit and Flitter. Thanks for looking!

Back To School in Color with Little Joule Fall

Little Joule Moxie Polo Shirt with Dog Applique
and Drea Skirt in Pink
Start this school year in style with fun and colorful Little Joule fall collection! This European kids clothing brand was born in the British countryside and is filled with swank and trend. With easy to wash and easy to wear styles, your girl can express her unique personality and stay comfy at the same time! Look closer and you will find fine playful details that kids absolutely love, such as mismatched cuffs, colorful buttons and even built-in squeakers. Dress your girl in Little Joule fall collection and she is sure to stand out at school!

Little Joule fall is so easy to mix and match! Colorful tops can be worn with any bottom and cute dresses can be "spiced up" with playful leggings. Our little Jules' picks are fun squeaky tops, dotty polo shirt with puppy applique (the puppy is wearing wellies, how cute is that!) and a pullover with cheery pony print. Match these tops with a pair of comfy Little Joule jeggins to create snazzy everyday outfits or throw on a hot pink cord skirt and colorful leggings for a sassy look. Little Joule fall just screams adorable, don't you think?

Many Little Joule fall pieces are already in stock and ready to be worn by your little fashionista. The rest of the styles will be arriving very soon. Big THANKS to our photographer Melissa and her daughter for these beautiful images!

Don't forget that all first-time customers get 10% off with code WELCOME. And orders of $69+ are shipped for free in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (no coupon needed). My Little Jules boutique also ships internationally at low rates.  

Little Joule - Girls Alice Corduroy Pants in Pink
Little Joule - Girls Jersey Sweater with Built-In Squeaker Pink
Little Joule - Girls Jersey Sweater with Built-In Squeaker
Little Joule - Girls Sweatshirt with Pony Print
Little Joule - Bangles Jersey Dress in Navy Stripe
Little Joule - Girls Bangles Blue Floral Print Dress
Little Joule - Girls Navy and Stripe Hayley Dress

Friday, July 20, 2012

Flit and Flitter Fall: Cute Sister Sets and Matching Mama Outfits

Flit and Flitter - Jolie Adult Ruffle Hoodie and Poet Dress
Are you looking for cute sister sets? Do you want a mama piece to match your little girl's outfit? Then Flit and Flitter is the brand for you! This fall Flit & Flitter surprised us with a splash of trendy colors, updates looks and stylish mama outfits. Over the years, Flit and Flitter became well-known for its exotic color combinations, soft and fade-resistant 100% pima cotton and adorable pant sets. Flit and Flitter clothing is designed for little girls ages newborn through 12, women's pieces will fit sizes 4 through 16.

My Little Jules boutique carries three Flit and Flitter fall collections in sizes 3 months through 8 years. Ellen collection bursts with deep red, blue and green colors. Although it can be worn all season long, Flit and Flitter Ellen pieces will be especially cute for upcoming holidays. For little artists at hear, Flit & Flitter designed its Jolie line which is a true color extravaganza. We love cute pant sets from Jolie collection which will be perfect for school, day care, active play or special outings. Peri collection offers clothing in softer colors and cooler hues, great for fall and winter! Each collection has a women's piece so you and your girl can match.

Don't forget that all first-time customers get 10% off with code WELCOME. And orders of $69+ are shipped for free in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (no coupon needed). My Little Jules boutique also ships internationally at low rates.   
Flit and Flitter - Ellen Annette Set
Flit and Flitter - Ellen Adult Jenn Skirt
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Footie
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Ruffle Suit
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Double Ruffle Pant Set
Flit and Flitter - Perri Flounce Pant Set
Flit and Flitter - Peri Wrap Dress
Flit and Flitter - Peri Adult Ruffle Hoodie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Misha Lulu Patchwork MIsha and Hello Kitty Circus Are Now Available

Jump for joy, Misha Lulu lovers! Fall two Misha Lulu pre-orders are now available at My Little Jules boutique. This release consists of two lines, Misha Patchwork and Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Circus collections.

Misha Patchwork is a kaleidoscope of vintage-inspired dresses, jumpers, tops and skirts. We are loving Misha Lulu's new body styles which include a warmer long sleeve sweater with a birdy embroidery and comfy sweater dress with an owl screen print. Your little Misha fan will adore these cozy pieces which will also keep her warm. Our favorite piece from Misha Lulu Patchwork line is Happy Misha Cord Jumper which can be worn with a long sleeve top and a pair of skinny jeans. 

Misha Lulu Hello Kitty Circus collection is sweet beyond words! Screen-printed tops have beautiful lace details and can be mixes and matched with the sateen skirt. Two long-sleeve Misha Lulu Hello Kitty dresses are so cute! Go for a warmer pink velour dress or get lighter-weight grey stripe knit dress, the choice is yours. Short sleeve dress with sateen screen-printed skirt will make an adorable outfit for the holidays!

Use codes PREORDER50 for 50% down or, if your pre-order is $400+, PREORDER25 for 25% down on your pre-order. The rest is due when your order is ready to be shipped. Happy shopping, our Misha Lulu friends!

All spring 2012 Misha Lulu is now 50% OFF.

New Look at Swanky Baby Vintage Prep School and Candy Coated Carnival Collections

Swanky Baby Vintage shared a few new pictures of their Prep School and Candy Coated Carnival collections to highlight just how versatile and cute this brand is. Swanky Baby Vintage Prep School collection is perfect for comfy and stylish back to school outfits. Children love comfort, and Swanky Baby Vintage designs each garment with kids in mind. My Little Jules boutique carries every single piece from Prep School and Sugar Coated Carnival collections and every outfit is till available in all sizes. Enjoy, these lines are so fun to mix and match!