Friday, July 20, 2012

Flit and Flitter Fall: Cute Sister Sets and Matching Mama Outfits

Flit and Flitter - Jolie Adult Ruffle Hoodie and Poet Dress
Are you looking for cute sister sets? Do you want a mama piece to match your little girl's outfit? Then Flit and Flitter is the brand for you! This fall Flit & Flitter surprised us with a splash of trendy colors, updates looks and stylish mama outfits. Over the years, Flit and Flitter became well-known for its exotic color combinations, soft and fade-resistant 100% pima cotton and adorable pant sets. Flit and Flitter clothing is designed for little girls ages newborn through 12, women's pieces will fit sizes 4 through 16.

My Little Jules boutique carries three Flit and Flitter fall collections in sizes 3 months through 8 years. Ellen collection bursts with deep red, blue and green colors. Although it can be worn all season long, Flit and Flitter Ellen pieces will be especially cute for upcoming holidays. For little artists at hear, Flit & Flitter designed its Jolie line which is a true color extravaganza. We love cute pant sets from Jolie collection which will be perfect for school, day care, active play or special outings. Peri collection offers clothing in softer colors and cooler hues, great for fall and winter! Each collection has a women's piece so you and your girl can match.

Don't forget that all first-time customers get 10% off with code WELCOME. And orders of $69+ are shipped for free in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (no coupon needed). My Little Jules boutique also ships internationally at low rates.   
Flit and Flitter - Ellen Annette Set
Flit and Flitter - Ellen Adult Jenn Skirt
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Footie
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Ruffle Suit
Flit and Flitter - Jolie Double Ruffle Pant Set
Flit and Flitter - Perri Flounce Pant Set
Flit and Flitter - Peri Wrap Dress
Flit and Flitter - Peri Adult Ruffle Hoodie

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