Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Jules Wears: Pom Pom Casual, Swanky Baby Vintage, Le Top, Zutano

So, Jules started day care last week. It's been quite an adjustment for all of us, but she seems to enjoy it very much. It's amazing how mush Jules has matured after only a week at daycare! She became so much more outgoing and independent, learned to take off her shoes and pull up undies and is talking so much better.  While it's definitely been a little stressful to drop her off in the mornings, sending Jules to daycare has been long overdue. Now Peter and I now have more time to work on the business and, in addition to a few part-time helpers, Jules' ex-nanny, Katie, who has been with us since the birth of My Little Jules, now works full-time as My Little Jules Inventory Manager and is learning a few customer service tricks as well!

The sad part is that I can no longer dress Jules in whatever I want. I have to figure out outfits that are comfy, practical but still cute. So, here are a few pics of what Jules wore to daycare this week. Brands from top to bottom are Swanky Baby Vintage, Le Top, Zutano and a Pom Pom Casual outfit Jules wore to a birthday party this weekend. Shoes and cute flower clippie are by Joyfolie. Most of these outfits are now on sale at My Little Jules boutique.

I am not a big fan of matchy-matchy outfits, but this one from Swanky Baby Vintage is just too cute! We got a TON of complements at daycare that day. I also love Swanky Baby Vintage hair clips. Little Jules' hair is pretty fine and a lot of clips slide right off. This one holds on nicely for a long time.

Love this colorful Le Top set, it's so fun! You can barely see bubble shorties from under the top which, in my opinion, makes the set look even cuter.

Zutano tees are perfect for daycare. They wash and wear very nicely and can be matched with many cute bottoms. I don't have a decent pic of the whole outfit, but Jules wore her Zutano Owl tee with Swanky Baby Vintage bubble shorts in Dunkin Booth Blue.

Finally, Pom Pom Casual set with Joyfolie Genevieve shoes. LOVE! Jules looked like a little princess :) The tank is a little big on her, but I like to get outfits with a little room to grow.

Thanks for looking!

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