Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids Fashion Trend: The Shoe to Own and Wear

When we received a shipment of Livie and Luca Roxie boots late last week, we knew that we got our hands on one of the cutest girl boot made this fall. But it was only when we opened the boxes and started matching this boot with the cute girl outfits that are in stock here at My Little Jules boutique that we realized what a gem we have on our hands.

These adorable girl boots go with so many fall outfits that they are, without a question, THE shoe to own and wear this fall. From Ooh La La Couture dresses, to Desigual girls outfits, to Giggle Moon sets and Mack & Co coats, Livie and Luca Roxie boot will put a crowning touch on any outfit. Just check out all these cute outfits matches below!v Get your Livie and Luca Roxie boot at My Little Jules boutique.

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