Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Jules Wears: Persnickety Clothing, Livie and Luca, Misha Lulu, Deux Par Deux, Swanky Baby Vintage, Lemon Loves Lime

Our Little Jules went ( or is still going through) a huge growth spurt. I swear most of these outfits had plenty of room for her to grow just a couple of months ago. And now, dresses are getting too short, tops and shorties are getting tighter. Stop time, I want her to stay my little girl for just a little longer!

Here are a few outfits that Jules wore over the past couple of weeks. She wore a lot of Persnickety Clothing, mostly tees and shorties since she wears them to daycare. On the picture below Jules is wearing Livie & Luca Blossom shoes in yellow.
On  this picture, Jules is wearing Persnickety Clothing Elsie top with Swanky Baby Vintage Tripple Ruffle Leggings in Dunkin Booth Blue. The leggings match one of the buttons on the top and the outfit looks so cute together!
Jules is in love with these adorable Livie and Luca Dawn blue shoes. She calls them her "cloud shoes." She has recently learned how to put her shoes on by herself. And the clouds on these shoes make it easy for her to figure out the difference between the left and right shoe.
This Deux Par Deux dress is one of our favorites from spring 2012 collections. Deux Par Deux uses the softest knit fabric from all the brands we carry and is much-loved by many of our customers for its quality, comfort and cute designs.
Here are a couple of Misha Lulu outfits. Jules is obsessed with bunnies, so we had to have this Misha Lulu bunny tee and matching biker shorts from Misha Lulu spring 2012 collection.
This Misha Lulu Bon Voyage tee is from spring 2011 and we wore it a lot last year. Jules is financially growing out of this set, but it is so much loved that we will be keeping it for baby Emma (the skirt if by Catimini and a couple of sizes are still available at My Little Jules boutique).
Lemon Loves Lime is my new obsession! (AMAZING NEWS) My Little Jules boutique will be carrying this awesome brand starting in spring 2013!!! Lemon Loves Lime makes one-of-a-kind girls clothing that is so cute and comfortable with impeccable attention to every little detail. Look a little closer and you will see that every applique on these adorable tees is decorated with crochet details, sparkles and embroidery. This is just one of the gazzilion Lemon Loves Lime sets Jules owns. I can't wait to share more of this brand with our dear customers, spring 2013 can't come fast enough!

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