Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boutique Clothes For Girls Who Love Animals

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, we decided to put a little twist on this romantic holiday and talk about love... for animals.

Do you have a little animal-lover in the house? Then read on! My Little Jules offers boutique girls clothing featuring all kinds of animals from big to small, from those that live in the water to those that belong in the sky. Whether your girl is into kitties, puppies, birds, fish or even reptiles, My Little Jules boutique has an outfit she will love! Below, we will feature some of the most popular boutique clothes for girls who love animals.

Paper Wings has released an amazing collection that will inspire your little cat lover. From dresses to tees to cute bikinis, you will find an outfit your girl will love. Available in sizes from 3 months to 12 years.

Lemon Loves Lime is another brand to take a look at if you girl loves cats. Lemon Loves Lime is known for its fun tees featuring intricate appliques of critters and objects girls love. For babies, Lemon Loves Lime offers cute rompers, sets and dresses.
Every season Misha Lulu creates a collection featuring a world-famous character Hello Kitty. This season Misha Lulu's Hello Kitty collection is cuter than ever with its fresh girly colors and cute screen prints.
 Deux Par Deux offers a cute cat outfit in classic black and white colors.
Finally, these soft baby and toddler leggings from BUSHA will keep your little girl warm and looking adorable!

For your little puppy lover, grab this fun tee and ruffle skort outfit by Lemon Loves Lime or a matching baby girl romper.
Another option for your dog-loving girl is this screen-printed tee by Lollipop Twirl. Each tee is decorated with crystals for extra bling-bling. 
How about one of these fun polo tees with puppy applique by Little Joule girls? Little Joule is an award-winning UK brand and is one of our customers' favorites.
If you have a little boy, check out these fun puppy sets by Le Top.

Elephants are in style this season! Two of our most popular elephant outfits are this beautiful Persnickety Clothing Sage Dress and Persnickety Clothing crew neck tee and apron skit outift.
Jelly The Pug dedicated an entire color group to splashing elephants. Here are just a couple of adorable pieces by Jelly The Pug:

Cotton Kids offers beautiful fair trade boutique girls clothing made of 100% cotton. Cotton Kids dresses feature detailed appliques. One of our most popular dresses is this cute Pink Elephant dress by Cotton Kids:
Pink Chicken joins our 'elephant' group with its two cute outfits. The first one is a simple soft jersey dress with an elephant print. And the other one is a darling skirt outfit. While the skirt is extra twirly, the top features a foil screen print.
Finally, Lemon Loves Lime has a few elephant outfit options. My Little Jules team loves the first tee with a dancing elephant applique.

Last but not least, a cute dress by Twirls and Twigs featuring an applique of a circus elephant.
Complete any of these outfits with a pair of Pink Elephant shoes by Livie & Luca:

Farm Animals
Piggies and chickens are the two most popular farm animals this season. Let's start pith a few fun outfits and accessories by Little Joule. Have you notices that this season My Little Jules boutique carries a baby line by Little Joule? So, now girls big and small can enjoy the quality and unique designs of Little Joule clothing. Also, take a look at the fun chicken purse!
One more stylish option is this flying pig tee by Lollipop Twirl. Again, this Lollipop Twirl tee is decorated with sparkly crystals.
Here's a cute "mother hen and its baby chick" outfit by Pink Chicken:

What about a pair of adorable baby and toddler leggings from BUSHA with a picture of a friendly goat on the bum?
 And for the little man in the house, grab one of these cute outfits by Le Top:
 Sea Creatures
Sea creatures are also in fashion this season. From fishes to octopuses and seahorses, My Little Jules has a great selection of boutique girls clothing that will be perfect for trips to the aquarium or beach gateways. First, let's take a look at Lemon Loves Lime dresses, outfits and accessories.

Then, we will take a look at Lollipop Twirl dress featuring jellyfish:
Every summer Cotton Kids releases an updated version of its famous fish dress. The dress features beautiful appliques and hand-embroideries of sea life.
If your girl loves sea creatures, chances are she will enjoy this fin mini puffer fish purse by Peppercorn Kids that she can use to carry her most valued treasures. It comes in a variety of bright summery colors.
Finally, here are a couple of cute toddler sets from Le Top:

Birds never go out of style. That's why many of boutique girls clothing brands we carry continue to design pieces fearing these lovable creatures. One of our most popular 'birdie' outfits is this set by Pink Chicken:
And another outfit by Pink Chicken:
Cotton Kids has created a breath-taking flamingo dress perfect for summer days at the beach:
If you are looking for a pant set featuring birds, check out Moxie & Mabel. Our customers are loving this cute capri pant outfit:
Misha Lulu offers a cute skirt outfit featuring an oversized Owl Screen Print:
And for the little feet, these Peacock shoes in a stylish pink-and-lime color scheme are a classic Livie & Luca style. This season, the peacock applique is made of pink leather coated with glitter.

Reptiles have been just as popular as birdies. My Little Jules boutique has outfits featuring turtles, friendly alligators, frogs, chameleons and such. First, we will take a look at this playful Prince Frog tank and a fun turtle dress by Lollipop Twirl:
Here are a few reptile outfits and accessories by Lemon Loves Lime.
Here are more outfit suggestions. The first few will feature bunnies and are designed by Cotton Kids, Misha Lulu and BUSHA.

The next three outfits feature cute hedgehogs and are created by Twirls & Twigs and Jelly The Pug:
 Thanks for reading!

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