Friday, February 1, 2013

Reach For The Stars With Paper Wings Spring: Cats, Love and Canstellations

Paper Wings and Little Wings boutique girls clothing spring/summer 2013 collection is created for true cat-lovers (and what little girl does not love kittens). Take a look, and you will find flowy tops and dresses, twirly skirts, racer back tanks, comfy leggings, fun swimwear and even little girl onsies, all showcasing overall kitty prints or oversized cat graphics with witty writings, such as " You Are The Cats Meow."

For girls who love fairy tales, daydreams and stargazing, Paper Wings and Little Wings offer a collection of garments that take us to a dreamland where the night sky is glowing with constellation and wishes come true. My Little Jules boutique team has picked two favorites from this collection. The firs one is a cute and easy "I Love Stargazing" jumper. And the other one is a stunning bustle dress featuring all-over writing that reads "Once Upon a Time." But don't overlook a bustle-back "You Are So Loved" tank that will look stunning to red tulle skirt, cropped constellation leggings or any skinny jeans.

But wait, there's more. For hip girls, Paper Wings created its own take on the popular skulls trend "borrowed" from the women's fashion. My Little Jules boutique carries a few pieces that feature overall and oversized skull prints (and we have to tell you that those skulls look more friendly than scary).
 And here are just a few more pictures:
 This racer back tank is created for the true cat queen.

 These kitties are not afraid of the water.
 We love these Little Wings Out of Space leggings with an attached skirt...
 ...and this Little Wings I Love Stargazing skirted onsie:

About Paper Wings: Paper Wings and Little Wings is a creative mix of past, present and future ideas in children's clothing design. The focus at Paper Wings is on enhancing the lives of girls by creating boutique girls clothing that positively influence the way girls look, feel, play and experience their environment. All pieces are designed to be 'every day favorites' - lovingly worn out rather than outgrown. Paper Wings celebrates the freedom of being children, looking like children and - most importantly - feeling like children. Paper Wings garments are made primarily of 100% organic cotton and other fine natural fibers.


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