Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fairies, Sparkles and Soap Bubbles

By Tatiana
This morning I woke up with an idea of doing a little fairy-themed photo shoot with Jules and Emma. And because I am a VERY impatiens person, we had to do it RIGHT NOW, lol! So, before heading out for daycare, we put on our Lemon Loves Lime Lily Fairy dresses, grabbed a a few props and spent 10 minutes blowing/popping soap bubbles and taking pictures in front of our neighbors house. Jules and Emma thought we were playing fairies the whole time! And did I mention we looooove our Lemon Loves Lime?

I love taking pictures of Jules and Emma while they are playing! They are relaxed, happy and have these beaming, natural smiles on their faces that are impossible to fake for posed photos. I've taken some of the best pictures during such impromptu photo shoots. The key for us is to just have fun!

If you know a thing a two about Photoshop, I will tell you how I have edited the original pictures for a "fairy" effect, as I call it. Before I start, I just wanted to say that I am by no means a professional photographer or Photoshop virtuoso. So, my photo editing skills are pretty basic.

First, I added soft glow by following instructions found right here. Then I downloaded fairy dust brush preset (find it here), set brush color to while, created new layer and added sparkles to the new layer using my new brush preset. Finally, I created a soft white oval frame around the picture. To do that I created another new layer and positioned it on top of all other layers. I filled my new layer with white and set opacity to 50%. Using elliptical marquee tool I selected an oval area of the desired size on my new layer. With the oval area selected, I went into Select - Refine Edge and set Feather to 180. I deleted the inside of the selected area by pressing Backspace on the keyboard. And, vuala! Our fairy pictures are ready for display. Thanks for reading!

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