Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get To Know Your Favorite Kids Clothing Designer: Jelly The Pug

1. Your name, brand name and location:

2. Describe your brand in 3 words:
Colors, prints, ruffles

3. Tell us a little bit more about your brand, what makes it special?
What makes Jelly the Pug special is the care we put into every dress. There is no editing when it comes to ruffles and trim. I create every dress myself in my attic with Jelly at my feet.

4. How did it all start?
It started as a way to supplement my family's  income.  I always loved sewing and creating things. I made a few dresses and put them online. I was swamped with orders in a matter of months. I decided to sell my car to finance getting this business off my kitchen table. I met Adnan in a chance encounter while selling my car. We met in a small coffee shop and noticed people stop eating to look at my samples. We decided to join forces. We rolled the dice and gambled everything and took a huge leap of pure faith. We figured it as we went.

Jelly the Pug Monaco Hanna Dress
5. Where did the name come from?
The name came from my little Pug named Jelly. In the beginning, I would make everything my hand on my kitchen table. I would sell them on online and cart them every weekend to outdoor events like church shows and fairs. I would always have Jelly with me in a little basket. Little girls would look forward to seeing Jelly every weekend. I became known as the Jelly the Pug lady.  

6. What inspires you? How do you get ideas for your designs and keep them fresh?
The little girls who wear our clothes inspire me. I want them to feel confident and special. I love colors and mixing patterns.

7. What are your top priorities when designing clothing (shoes/accessories)?
My top priority is keeping dress and print designs unique and fresh. We work everyday to upgrade our quality in every aspect of Jelly the Pug. I search endlessly for new textile designers and
make every dress sample by hand.

8. What is your favorite season to design for and why?
Spring and Summer are my favorite. The creative ideas are endless and there are less constraints on design.

Jelly the Pug Bees Nicola Playwear Set
9. Where do you see your brand in a few years?
We listen to all your ideas and input. We are working on Mommy and me and even denim.

10.  If there was one thing you could tell your customers (kids or adults), what would it be? I would like to tell all our customers that I value everyone of you. I am honored when you choose a Jelly The Pug dress for a special event. I want to thank every one of you for making a dream come true for me.

Every season, Jules and Emma get a couple of Jelly The Pug dresses. They wear them mostly to birthday parties, family outings or as play dresses. I love that Jelly The Pug dresses are made of tear-and-wear-resistant fabric, so they hold up really well. They are very easy to wash and do not fade. No matter how many times I wash them and put them in the drier, they always look brand new! Jelly The Pug runs pretty generous, so I  size down for our girls who are average for their age.

Jelly the Pug Ellie Hannah Dress
Jelly the Pug Pana Cotta Puffy Dress
Jelly the Pug Ellie Hannah Dress and Jelly the Pug Pana Cotta Puffy Dress
Jelly the Pug Ellie Hannah Dress and Jelly the Pug Pana Cotta Puffy Dress
Fall 2013 collection by Jelly The Pug is now in stock at My Little Jules boutique and shipping to customers. Jelly The Pug Nicola playwear sets have been a great hit for fall. They are cute, playful, comfy and fancy enough for special occasions. Choose from three different color ways or shop the rest of Jelly The Pug fall 2013 collection to find the perfect dress for your girl. Jelly The Pug dresses and sets are appropriate for girls of ages infant to 12 years:

Jelly the Pug Agra Nicola Playwear Set
Jelly the Pug Indian Summer Nicola Playwear Set
Jelly the Pug Indian Summer Chord Jacket
Jelly the Pug Indian Summer Jordan Dress
Jelly the Pug Monaco Marquee Dress
Jelly the Pug Bees Jordan Dress
Jelly the Pug Agra Jamie Dress
Looking for cute matching shoes? Here are a few suggestions!
Livie and Luca Dolly Girl Shoes in Toffee
Livie and Luca Marchita Boot in Taupe Suede

Livie and Luca Pio Pio Shoes in Turquoise
Livie and Luca Ruche Shoes in Brown

Livie & Luca Toi Toi Girl Shoes in Yellow
Joyfolie Hadley Boot in Tweed & Suede


  1. Wonderful interview! Jelly the Pug dresses are my daughter's favorite! (mine, too) Whenever a package comes in the mail, first thing she asks is if it's JTP! We love the colors, twirl-factor & the creator, Diane. Everything about JTP is perfect. Thank you for the interview and a chance to get to know the story behind such beautiful creations, works of art, really.

    Lucinda & Lila

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