Friday, August 16, 2013

Important News regarding Persnickety Clothing Fall 2013 Collection

Persnickety Clothing Loa Dress in Multi-color
We have recently received an email from Persnickety Clothing informing us that some of the items from fall 2013 collection have been delayed. Please review the following information carefully to see if some of the items you have ordered will be arriving later than originally expected.

From Persnickety Clothing company's email to retailers:

"This year, with an increased need for manufacturing power, we decided to try something new. It was our choice to outsource the production of 3 pieces to a company in Peru. We went with Peru because of their strong showing in quality of samples and overall efficiency of production. While we expect this to hold true in the final pieces, the fabric sent to them was held in customers for two months, and has caused delays all down the line. These have been pushed back for a release date in October and are listed below:

Persnickety Clothing Baby Doll Dress in Tartan
·         Baby Doll Dresses

·         Loa Dresses

·         Kennedy Jackets

Other delays have been caused by a myriad, and are as follows:

Phase 1

·         Leg Warmers – Delayed until 8/15/2013

·         Cuffs Cream – Delayed until 8/15/2013

·         Pepper Jacket – Delayed until 9/5/2013

·         Bell Pant Brown Stripe – Delayed until 8/15/2013

Persnickety Clothing Kennedy Jacket in Green
·         Cecile Top – Delayed until 9/5/2013 (After production, we were not 100% satisfied with one aspect of this piece, and returned it for minor alterations. We would rather experience a delay, than have product on the market we are not satisfied with.

Phase 2

·         Patchwork Dress – Delayed until 8/27/2013

·         Macie Jane Dress – Delayed until 8/27/2013

·         Corset Dress – Delayed until 9/5/2013

·         Jetta Coat – Delayed until 9/5/2013"

In addition, we have learned that one of the pieces, Persnickety Clothing Corset Top in Brown, runs small. Use measurements below as your sizing guide:
Persnickety Clothing Corset Top in Brown

12 months- chest 18” length 12”
18 months- chest 19” length 12 ½”
2- chest 19 ½” length 13”
3- chest 20” length 13 ¾”
4- chest 21” length 14 ½”
5- chest 22” length 15 ¼”
6- chest 23” length 16”
7- chest 24” length 16 ¾”
8- chest 25 length 17 ½”
10- chest 26” length 18 ¼”
12- chest 28” length 19”

If you think the size you originally ordered from My Little Jules boutique will not work for your girl, please contact us immediately via Facebook, email or by phone: 1-866-322-2783. We are in the office Mon - Fri, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. We will be happy to help!

Mustard Pie Clothing fall update
In addition, due to manufacturing delays, 1st delivery of Mustard Pie Clothing fall collection will be shipping later than originally planned. We are planning to start shipping 1st delivery Mustard Pie at the end of August. As of right now, second delivery of Mustard Pie Clothing will be shipping to customers as originally scheduled. Thank you for shopping with My Little Jules! If you haven't placed your Mustard Pie pro-order yet, you can do so right here:

Mustard Pie Clothing Scrappy Ramona Dress in Rainbow
Mustard Pie Clothing Josephine Dress in Rainbow
Mustard Pie Clothing Petunia Dress in Turquoise Brown
Mustard Pie Clothing Parker Hoodie Tunic in Baby Pink Sage

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