Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lemon Loves Lime and Lollipop Twirl Fall Is Now In Stock!

Lollipop Twirl Blossom Fairy Dress
Say "Hello!" to fall boutique girls clothing! And to cute forest friends dreamed up by Lollipop Twirl designer Joy Cha. Lollipop Twirl fall collection has arrived to our warehouse on Friday. During pre-orders, Lollipop Twirl swooned our customers with whimsical designs, rich fall colors and amiable forest critters  - perfect companions for fall fun. Your girl will enjoy kicking the fallen autumn leaves, making new friends in the school yard or taking a stroll through the park, especially when one of cute Lollipop Twirl critters is there with her to share the fun.

While Lollipop Twirl Starry Squirrel tee and Lollipop Twirl Deer Wonderland tee are perfect as cute, comfortable tops for everyday wear, Lollipop Twirl Blossom Fairy Dress and Lollipop Twirl Raccoon dress can even be worn as casual Thanksgiving dresses. My Little Jules boutique also carries matching leggings in different styles and colors as well as other super cute Lollipop Twirl dresses and tees like Sleepy Beauty Owl tee and Fantastic Fox tee and more.

Lollipop Twirl Deer Wonderland tee
Lollipop Twirl Raccoon dress
Lollipop Twirl Fantastic Fox tee
Lollipop Twirl - Candy House Tee in Purple
Lollipop Twirl Princess's Favorite Cake Tee in Pink

Lollipop Twirl Sleepy Beauty Owl tee
Lollipop Twirl Starry Squirrel tee
Joy Cha is also the creative force behind Lemon Loves Lime, a more well-known brand than Lollipop Twirl. Lemon Loves Lime is praised for its unique, cute designs, great attention to details and softness. Lemon Loves Lime fall is now in stock and shipping to customers. One of our customers' favorite outfits so far is Lemon Loves Lime Frog Princess Tee in Vivid Blue paired with Carnation Skirt in Cabaret. As always, intricate frog applique features crochet, sequin and crystal details that Lemon Loves Lime is known for.

Lemon Loves Lime Frog Princess Tee in Vivid Blue and Carnation Skirt in Cabaret
Lemon Loves Lime Artist Dress in Vivid Blue
Lemon Loves Lime Baby Doll Jacket in Cabaret
Lemon Loves Lime Floral Madness Dress
Lemon Loves Lime - Neptune Seahorse Tee in Cabaret and Lemon Loves Lime Groovy Pants in Paisley Purplen  
Lemon Loves Lime Carnation Skirt in Vivid Blue and Lemon Loves Lime Ballerina Tee in Pink Lemon
Lemon Loves Lime Skye Dress in Paisley Purple
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