Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lemon Loves Lime Spring 2014 Preorders are Coming to My Little Jules!

Lemon Loves Lime Spring 2014 preorders start in just a few hours at My Little Jules boutique! You will love this fun and colorful spring collection! As always, most garments feature intricate appliques and embroideries with sequin, crystal and crochet details - all done by hand. All Lemon Loves Lime pieces are super soft and are sure to become your little diva's go-to outfits.

Lemon Loves Lime spring 2014 is mix of vibrant colors, fun, creative designs and soft fabrics. These easy-to-wear tees, skirts and dresses have a distinctive look that will complement your girls fun-loving personality and unique style. From bold neon colors to girly pastels, Lemon Loves Lime spring 2014 collection has pieces that will appeal to almost any style. 

What's more, this season for the first time, Lemon Loves Lime has created fun birthday tees that are a must-have birthday outfits for girls.

Have a baby girl in the house? My Little Jules boutique will be carrying a variety of Lemon Loves Lime Layette styles. Perfectly soft for everyday wear, Lemon Loves Lime Baby pieces are also cute enough for baby girl pictures.

Shipping for Lemon Loves Lime spring 2014 is expected to begin in mid January.

As always, My Little Jules boutique has a number of payment options available for preorders:
1. Pay in full
2. Pay 50% down with code PREORDER50*
3. Pay 25% down with code PREORDER25*
4. Place an MLJ Easy Payment Plan order and pay 15% down code MLJPaymentPlan**

Lemon Loves Lime fall and spring 2013 collections are now 50% off:

*My Little Jules Easy Payment Plans policy:

**My Little Jules preorder policy:

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