Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Little Jules Supports Kids in Foster Care System

By Tatiana
A big box of love is going from My Little Jules boutique to My Stuff Bags Foundation today! We are sending a big box of boutique girls clothing and shoes by some of our favorite brands like Ooh La La Couture and Joyfolie. Every year thousands of to abused and neglected children enter the foster care system. Since 1998, My Stuff Bags has been providing these unfortunate children with new belongings and new hope by giving each child their own "My Stuff Bag" full of clothing, school supplies and other necessities.

"Imagine the trauma of being a child separated from all you know – parents, possessions and home – and not having anything to cling to for comfort. Sadly, each year, hundreds of thousands of children here in the United States must be rescued from severe abuse, neglect or abandonment. Traumatized and facing an uncertain future, they frequently enter shelters and foster care with nothing – no favorite stuffed animal, no special blanket. They are afraid, disoriented, and desperate for comfort. That’s where we come in."

One of the coolest things My Stuff Bags Foundation does is providing each child with a hand-made blanket donated by the caring supporters. These no-sew blankets are super easy to make yet they are so meaningful for these deserving kids. I have made and mailed a few fleece blankets myself and once you get into the 'groove' of things, it only takes 30 to 60 minutes to make one. You can turn this into a fun project to do with your girl while teaching her a valuable lesson! You can lean more about My Stuff Bags Foundation and find easy blanket-making instructions right here.

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