Monday, August 25, 2014

Must-Have Mondays: Kate Mack Kitty Purse

Your little fashion diva will flip when she sees one of these cute kitty purses from Kate Mack clothing! Made from faux fur they are decorated with sparkly gems that form a kitty face and have a zipper so that all of her treasured possessions stay safe. Big enough for her most loved chachkies, these kitty purses have long thin chains, so that she can easily wear them over her shoulder. These purses come in three colors - dusty rose, grey and black - and will coordinate with all Kate Mack clothing outfits you will find at My Little Jules boutique.

Kate Mack clothing Dress and Leggings set Kate Mack Kitty Purse

Faux Fur Kitty Purse in Grey goes perfectly with Kate Mack clothing Mirror Mirror Asymmetrical Dress in Grey. Dusty rose (or pink) kitty purse will complement Kate Mack clothing Ruffle Dress and Leggings Set. Finally, faux fur kitty purse in black was designed to match Kate Mack clothing Pop Couture and Puppy Love outfits. Besides Kate Mack outfits, these cute kitty purses will go with many other designer girls clothing ensembles from My Little Jules boutique.

Kate Mack Kitty Purse in Black Kate Mack Puppy Love Set
 Kate Mack clothingMirror Mirror Asymmetrical Dress Kate Mack Kitty Purse in Grey

All of these kitty purses are now in stock. They will make a cute accessory, fun gift for stylish girls and even a lovely party favor. Just think about it, what girl doesn't love cats and kittens?

If you are looking for other cat-themed outfits, take a look at Mim-Pi clothing from fall 2014 collection featuring kitty boots and dresses. Your little kitty lover is sure to think her brand-new outfits from Kate Mack and Mim-Pi are just "purrr-fect!"

Mim-Pi Kitty Applique dress Mim-Pi Cat Sneaker

Thanks for looking!

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