Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What Jules Wears Wednesday: Mustard Pie Spring 2013 and Kate Mack

I can't believe how fast time flies! It seems like just yesterday Jules was a 2-year-old wearing this sweet lilac dress by Kate Mack. And now her little sister Emma, who is 2.5 years younger than Jules, fits in the dress perfectly. I love watching my girls grow, see them learn new things, get to know their awesome personalities better and better every day. But I can't escape the feeling that time is getting away from me and they are growing up way too fast.
Kate Mack dressesKate Mack dresses
 Kate Mack dressesKate Mack clothing
 Kate Mack dresses

I am a hoarder. I give away most of my kids' outfits, but there are quite a few tucked away in a big box. There I keep my favorite boutique outfits, the ones they were the most. I go through those outfits once every few months just to remind myself of how little they were and of all the beautiful moments we had have together. There are a few Kate Mack dresses among those outfits.

Jules is wearing a cute Mustard Pie Flora tunic and Ava shorts ensemble from Mustard Pie spring 2013 collection. I like it for hot summer days. The silhouette of the tunic is airy and breathable. Jules is also sporting her new Joyfolie Isabelle shoes in lilac.

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 Mustard Pie spring 2013Mustard Pie Clothing sale Joyfolie shoes

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