Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Dollcake Clothing Outfits We Loved So Much

Our customers love Dollcake clothing. Their daughters love Dollcake clothing. We love Dollcake clothing too! Here are a couple of outfits Jules modeled for us when she was still my little chunky monkey. She must be about 18 months on these pictures. Oh, how I miss those days! The snuggles and chubby cheeks...
Dollcake Clothing
This was our first season carrying Dollcake. This boutique girls clothing line has changed so much since then. It became more sophisticated, intricate, elegant. Yet, it managed to keep that special appeal we and our customers loved so much since day one. Do you have a favorite Dollcake dress? Or may be another special outfit that reminds you of how little your girl used to be?
Dollcake Clothing
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