Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Little Jules in Baby Sara Dresses

It's Throwback Thursday time here at My Little Jules boutique! The other night I was going through my Facebook pictures - something that I like to do once in a while. I love seeing how my girls have changed over the years and remember all the good time we've had together. So, while I was doing that, I came across these pictures two of Jules in Baby Sara dresses. I remember this was right after Peter and I opened My Little Jules boutique. On the first picture, Jules is about 12 months. As you can see she started her modeling career before she could even stand, lol!
Baby Sara dress
Baby Sara dress

Baby Sara was one of the first brands we offered to our customers. We loved it for its girly, sassy designs and soft fabrics. If you are after designer girls clothing with that is as comfy as it is cute and has a bit of southern flair, then you will love Baby Sara clothing too. The brand comes in sizes up to 6X and runs a bit on the smaller side, so we always recommend sizing up.

One the second picture Jules is about 18 months old. Oh, how she loved that Baby Sara dress! I think she was ready to wear it every day, but her mama wasn't :)
Baby Sara clothing
Baby Sara clothing
We have a great selection of Baby Sara clothing for fall with some styles are close to be sold out. Check out our website to shop.

Don't forget that all orders of $79+ ship for free in the US and Canada. Happy shopping!



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