Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Jules' Wears Wendesday Goes to New York: Jak and Peppar, Persnickety, Mim-Pi

If you have noticed that we've been a little quite lately, there is a reason for that. Last weekend, we took a mini-vacation and headed to New York for a fun-filled adventure. I love New York city! I love its busy streets, lights, museums, people who come from all over the world. But most of all I love Central Park. Jules has been learning all about the national landmarks and monuments including the Statue of Liberty in VPK, so she was so excited to see it in person!

It's still pretty warm here in Florida, so it was nice to be in beautiful fall weather for a few days. We collected fallen leaves for art projects we will be doing later this week. And the girls finally got to wear some of their cute fall outfits from brands like Persnickety, Jak and Peppar, Mim-Pi, Livie and Luca shoes and Baby Sara. I am including lots of pictures!

My beautiful girls in anticipation of visiting the Statue of Liberty.
Jules is wearing Mim-Pi dress and tights and Livie and Luca Marchita boots. All from My Little Jules boutique. 
Got you!
This picture was a complete accident. Jules holding the yellow leaf up to the sun and the Statue of Liberty in the background.
This cute Mim-Pi dress is one of my favorite dresses for fall that we carry at My Little Jules boutique. It is super comfy, easy to wear and absolutely adorable. The hood has kitty ears on top and the embroidery on the dress reads "Are you kitten me right meow." So cute!
Emma is wearing Persnickety Clothing October Sky Hi Lo Sweater, Persnickety Brooke skirt, Persnickety leggings and Livie and Luca Marchita boots in taupe. By the way, Persnickety October Sky and Autumn Splendor collections will be on sale on Friday, October 31.
The flock of birds applique on the back of the sweater is so cute and adds a special touch to this piece.
Little explorer. Central Park is the perfect place to play and explore for this free-spirited girl.
Picking up leaves. Emma has never seen real fall before.
Emma is wearing Jak and Peppar Hickman jacket in sand dune color, Joplin High Low Tunic, Baby Sara leggings with attached lace legwarmers and Livie and Luca Marchita boots.
Jules is wearing Jak and Peppar dream catcher top, boyfriend skinnies and Hickman jacket. She is also wearing Livie and Luca Marchita boots.

Peter and his 'mini me' :)
 Loving this dream catcher embroidery on the back of Jak and Peppar Hickman Jacket.
Jules actually took this last picture with my Nikin D300. It is perfect - in focus and composition is just right. This picture makes me one proud mama :)

Don't forget about Persnickety Clothing sale that starts on Friday, October 31. October Sky and Autumn splendor collections will be 20% off starting at noon. 

Thanks for looking!

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