Friday, August 28, 2015

Jak & Peppar Fall 2015 Modeled by Emma Gemma

Today Emma and I had some free time on our hands. What should we do, we thought. And then I remembered that Jak & Peppar fall 2015 arrived to My Little Jules' warehouse the day before. So, we headed there, picked up a few sweet outfits and went across the street to a railroad track to do a mini photo shoot.

I have to say, I liked Jak & Peppar fall 2015 collection. I liked it a lot when we ordered the line and looked at the samples. But when I put the first outfit on Emma... man, it looked so gooooood! From colors, to body styles, to fit, everything was perfect! And even though the patters and designs are pretty busy and colors are darker than what we usually wear, it didn't swallow my 3-yea-old. It looked like it was made just for her!

Everything was very soft and comfortable, and I'm not just saying it because we sell these clothes, lol! I was very impressed with the quality. Coronado skirt was a bit big in the waist, so if you have a skinny girl, it might not be the best fit for her. Or you might want to go a size or two down.

Emma is a little free spirit. She doesn't always follow the rules. In fact, she thinks the rules don't apply to her. And it felt like in those outfits her true personality shined. I will stop here and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh, as a side note, Emma is a solid size 3T in Persnickety and most other brands, 2T in Mustard Pie, 4 in Matilda Jane. All pictures Jak & Peppar pieces are size 2T. So, it runs about 1 size large.

Here we go!
Jak & Peppar  Dixie Mabel Top, Lace On My Mind in black, Gertrude Head Wrap in vanilla.

Emma just being her regular self :)

Jak & Peppar Lace On My Mind top in vanilla, Shine On vest, Coronado skirt and Stevie Head Wrap. This was my favorite look.


 Jak & Peppar Follow Your Heart tunic (dress), Dazed And Confused Leggings, Hannah hair braid.

 I just had to share this one :)

Emma is wearing Joyfolie Emerson booties with all of her outfits. Jak & Peppar fall 2015 is now in stock and shipping to customers. My Little Jules has a HUGE selection of this bohemian kids clothing collection. We offer FREE US SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more.

Thanks for looking!



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Jules Wears Wednesday: Flowers and Stripes by Persnickety Clothing

Summer break is behind us and now that I have a little more free time on my hands, I am going through all the wonderful pictures we have taken recently. This one is from our outing to down town Safety Harbor. I am in love with the little town we live in. You can walk everywhere! From grocery stores, to boutiques, to pizza joints and bars and even our My Little Jules office!

The pier is one of our most favorite places to visit. Jules and Emma enjoy running around and playing hide-and-seek, picking up books from My Little Free Library and watching birds, crabs and manatees.

It was a Persnickety kind of day, so I picked out cute matching outfits. Jules is wearing Persnickety Lucille dress in size 5 (which is also part of her school wardrobe). Emma is wearing coordinating Persnickety Lou Lou dress in size 2. Emma is a solid size 3T and even 4T in most clothing, but this dress runs super long, so we had to size down.

Jules and I both love these cute Livie and Luca Georgie sandals. They were not a great seller for spring, but I think the design and fun and great for older girls. They are also very comfy.

Emma has a great talent for running really fast and falling really hard. This girls scares me sometimes :) We always carry 1st aid kit with us for times like this.

Emma's boo-boos and Livie and Luca sweetie shoes.

Persnickety dresses and Livie and Luca shoes are now on end of summer clearance at 50% off. Find Persnickety sale dresses here and Livie and Luca shoes here. Shipping in the US is always free on orders $50 and up.

Thanks for looking!