Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Jules Wears Wednesday: Cute School Outfit by Mim-Pi

Some of you might know that Jules started kindergarten a few weeks ago. So, it's all about school outfits these days. It's our fist time dressing up for school and I have been having so much fun with it!

I've had my eye on this cute Mim-Pi outfits since we launched it last spring. I love cute details like floral embroidery on Peter Pan color. I love lace trim on the skirt. Mim-Pi is one of those brands that I get for my girls every season. Quality is always great, it is super cute and very wearable.

Now Jules gets to wear it to school - I simply add a pair of Persnickety ruffle shorties under. And of course, she has to wear her very favorite Joyfolie Emerson booties with it. Emma is wearing coordinating Mim-Pi dress. We took pictures the other day after school by our local library. Enjoy!

These outfits are from spring 2014 and we don't have many of them left. But if you like Mim Pi we have a ton of cute fall outfits in stock including beautiful and very warm and cozy Mim-Pi coats.

Thanks for looking!



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