Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jak & Peppar Spring 2016 is Now on Sale!

Hooray! It's that time of the year and Jak & Peppar spring 2016 is now on sale! Save 25% on bohemian kids clothing for girls, babies and boys. Jak & Peppar is a boutique designer kids clothing collection inspired by the latest fashion trends, all things gypsy and whimsical imagination of childhood.

Choose from a variety of options to create a look as unique as your girl. Whether you are looking for a statement outfit or an everyday look, Jak & Peppar is sure to have something that will fit the bill.

Jak & Peppar Flower Child dress has been one of the most popular pieces this spring along with Roya rompers, Dixie Mabel tunic tops and Follow Your Heart tunic. Boho Jane dress has been a huge hit with its intricate embroidery and open shoulders.

Don't forget to grab ou exclusive Jak & Peppar Dixie Mabel top.

Jak & Peppar Wee Ones is a bohemian baby clothing collection that echoes but does not exactly copy the big girl lone.

Finally Jak & Peppar LAD is a small boys line that is sure to delight your fashion-savvy little guy.

Jak & Peppar clothing is ahead of the curve when it comes to kids fashion. The lead designer finds her inspiration in the women's fashion industry, 70s style and bohemian/gypsy looks. No Matter which outfit you go with, your girl is sure to stand out of the crown in Jak & Peppar. Complete any look with coordination Joyfolie shoes.

Free US shipping on $50.

Happy shopping!


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